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Monday, 26 February 2007

Granite City Ball

On Saturday, Tim and I are going to the Granite City Ball ( ...... you SHALL go to the ball! ) for the 3rd time. This year will be very different though, because Tim is actually the Chairman of the organising committee. The amount of work he's put into this is phenomenal - and it's definitely paying off because in previous years, they were lucky if 200 tickets were sold. This years however, he has managed to sell 360!! Yay for my beloved! :)

It's all to help raise money for the Aberdeen Geological Society and for the RNLI.

We're staying overnight in a cheapo Travelodge-type hotel, which is only just within walking distance of the beautiful Beach Ballroom, where the Ball is to be held.

I only have one frock that's nice enough to wear, but I'm scared to try it on in case I'm far too fat for it now. If I am, I really have no idea what I'll do. :(

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