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Monday, 26 February 2007

Yet more pills!

So after I got home from work, Tim and I were having supper when the phone rang. The caller display showed 'Withheld', but Tim answered anyway. 'This is a personal phonecall for Brenda Davis', said a woman's voice. 'Who's calling?' asked Tim. 'This is a personal call for Brenda Davis', she said again. 'Who's calling, please?' asked Tim again. The voice then repeated itself once more, before Tim handed the receiver to me. I almost hung up, because I have the most awful phobia about talking on the phone, but I forced myself to say hello.

Turned out to be the doctor's surgery. Apparently, they aren't allowed to say that it's the doctor calling any more! I'm at a loss as to understand why!

Anyway, she went on to say that my doctor wants me to start taking Reductil now. My thyroid levels are very low, so it's safe for me to take this weight-loss medication. I don't have them yet, so I Googled to find out a bit about it. Apparently it works on the brain, which sends an 'I'm full' message, even though you're not! It has to be used in tandem with a decent diet and a spot of exercise, so that when you come off the tablets, the weight doesn't pile back on.

I honestly can't wait to begin to lose some of this. I think, because it's gone on SO quickly (in the space of just 5-6 weeks), I'm having a very hard time with my mobility and I just feel like a great, lumbering hulk of blubber.

Wonder how much I'll be able to lose?

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