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Sunday, 25 March 2007

My desktop!

Here's my desk at the office.

It doesn't always look as tidy as this, but I do try to keep it as clear as possible, so I don't have to search under loads of files if I need to find something fast! lol

The window looks out into the car park and also the outdoor working area for the oil construction company next door. Right now they're making something that looks for all the world like a gigantic bouncy castle - expect it's made of metal, therefore it wouldn't be very bouncy if you were to try!! :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Good reception (ist)?

Well, hopefully!
I started my new job today at 4.30am, when the alarm went off. *yawn* That's the time I normally go TO bed! lol Brother-in-law collected me at 5.30am and off we went.
I was taught how to use the small switchboard - and I think Ive got it. There's a desktop Dymo labeller that I was shown how to use, but didn't actually get to use. I did get to use the postal weighing machine though AND the shiny new flatscreen PC, with permanent internet connection! Well, I didn't actually use the internet but it's nice to know it's there! lol I used Excel for the first time though!
My job title is actually Receptionist/Personnel Assistant, but I have yet to learn any of the Personnel stuff.

So, still loads to learn. I know the first day is always the worst, but I really cannot wait until I've been there for a few weeks and don't feel so green!!

Friday, 9 March 2007

It's no fun ......

....... being both overweight and tall. If you're of average height and overweight, there are quite a few shops you can get clothes that fit from. Likewise if you're of average weight and tall. But if you happen to be both overweight and tall at the same time, it's practically impossible.
I went with Kerry to Tesco this evening to see if I could find anything nice and smart for me to wear to my new job. HAH! No chance at all. None of their size 20's would fasten. Very demoralising. Very humiliating. Very annoying.

I'm going to try Evans on Sunday. I'm hoping I manage to get something, but they don't really cater for tall ladies either, so I'm probably going to end up being smart clothes-less and miserable. :(

Thursday, 8 March 2007

What a difference a day makes ....

...... 24 little hours!

Since I posted yesterday, I've been offered - and accepted - a job as a receptionist with an oil company in Aberdeen! Oh my, I'm sooo scared about it, but excited at the same time.

I've handed in my notice at the craft shop and I don't think my boss was best pleased, but it had to be done. I'm only working, on average, 10 days per month in the shop, whereas I'll be working full-time for the oil company. The extra money will be fabulous and will definitely go a long way to helping us climb out of the hole we're in right now.

So, my last day in the shop will be next Saturday (17th March). I'll be working there this Monday and Friday as normal, but I'll also be working at my new job (woohooooo!!) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Wish I wasn't so nervous!!

Grand Illusions

I eventually found the link for the dragon!
It's here - and it's very definitely well worth a visit ...... not only to get yourself a dragon, but for all the other fabulously interesting stuff there is to see! Get yourself the dragon, then have a browse through the whole site - it's fabulous.


Wednesday, 7 March 2007

My craft room pet!

I clicked on a link to 'Optical Illusions' and found this dragon there. I just HAD to have him ....... but he is the most amazing illusion ever! His head moves and follows you around the room, from one side to the other. It's really incredible! If I can remember the link, I'll post it here and you can go and download him, print him, cut him out and assemble him. Then you'll have your very own pet dragon!

Above the dragon, on the notice board, is a pic of all my crafting friends, that was taken at the Canny Crafts Retreat in Wales, last January. Oh, how I wish we could all do it again.


So I've been taking the Reductil for a couple of days and I still don't feel any effects. They aren't supposed to stop you feeling hungry - but they're meant to make you feel full on less food. Hasn't happened yet. Had a lovely fajita supper and I'm still hungry.

It doesn't say anything on the leaflet about them taking a few days to work ....... so maybe it's just me and my horribly huge appetite.

CJ panic!

I finally got the pages for Gill's CJ done and dusted last night, after a bit of a panic because my printer ran out of ink! Can't afford any refills at the moment either. :(

I had to have a radical rethink about what to do - and I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with at such short notice. I really MUST NOT leave these things to the last minute in future!

Monday, 5 March 2007

The Ball!

The Granite City Ball turned out to be a real success. Tim did a fantastic job organising it and he's made loads of money to donate to the RNLI!

We arrived in the Beach Ballrom in the early afternoon, to help get all the balloons done, the seating plan sorted, the raffles on display etc etc. All that took a couple of hours, then Tim and I headed off to our hotel, which is about a mile away from the Ballroom. Only just walkable for me, being in the not-so-good state of health that I am! Tim wanted to be back at the Ballroom for around 6.00pm-ish, so we were showered, dressed and beautified in plenty of time for us to walk there. My dress was even tighter than I thought it would be, but hey-ho! lol

Anyway - we got to within 50 yards of the Ballroom, when Tim sickeningly announced that he'd left the key to the cashbox in the hotel room!!! Oh NOOOOO!!! Inside the box, was the money to pay the band and loads of change needed for the raffle selling!

He doesn't really know Aberdeen all that well and wasn't quite sure of the route back to the hotel, so I had to go back with him. Collected the key and walked all the way to the Ballroom again. I was soooo out of breath and in pain with my hips and knees. Good thing I had no intention of dancing ....... I don't think I'd have been able to even if I'd wanted!! lol

Actually, I did go up for one dance later on in the evening!

This isn't a particularly good piccie of either of us, but it's better than nothing!

All in all, we had a great night - even though we missed the lunar eclipse because of it!

Friday, 2 March 2007


I thought it was about time I introduced two of my three gorgeous kitty cats!

These are my two girls - both tabbies. On the top is the baby of the bunch, Merry. She's almost two now and still very much a kitten cat - full of the joys of life! She loves to play rough and tumble, but she is also very gentle. I got her when she was still a tiny wee kitten, along with her brother who we named Pippin (yes - we are LOTR fans!!). Pippin tragically got killed by a car around a year ago, but he was a truly spectacular cat. He was a black & white long-haired cat, who looked amazing and who had an equally amazing character. I adored him and it broke my heart when he died.

I know the pic of Merry (below) isn't particularly good, but it really sums up her inquisitiveness! lol

Below, is my utterly beloved old lady called Star. She's 16 going on 17 and is sadly beginning to slow down a bit now. Whereas before she used to be able to jump up and over our stable doors without a problem, now she jumps .... grabs on with her front paws, while scrabbling up with her back ones till she gets on top! It's funny to watch, but sad at the same time. She has the sweetest nature and even though she's old, she really tolerates the grandkids pulling at her and clapping her.

We also have our old boy, Elvis! He's 10 years old, but I haven't got a piccie of him at the moment, because he really doesn't let us get close enough to get a decent one! He used to belong to Kerry and Simon (along with his brother, Chewie), but when Kerry got pregnant with her firstborn, Tim and I adopted them. Once again tragically, Chewie got hit by a car and died. One of the perils of living in the country and having outside cats.

I'm very much a cat person and can't imagine my life here without any!

TGI Friday!

I'm really tired today. Don't know why ........ the shop was very quiet in the morning and picked up a fair bit in the afternoon, but we weren't wildly busy.
Made an exploding box which I may, or may not give to the shop to display. It all depends if I'm really pleased with it or not. If it's the former, I'll keep it to myself and pay for the materials ....... if it's the latter, I'll take it to the shop for display purposes! lol

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Windmills of your mind

Or in this case, windmills of my neighbour's land! A few months ago, I got a letter from the council planning department, saying that my nearest neighbour was planning to put up a small windmill thingie for electricity and did I have any objections. Of course I don't! Anything that doesn't use fossil fuels is most welcome, in my humble opinion. I sent away my answer and didn't hear anything more about it.

Well, I came upstairs to use my PC late this afternoon and happened to look out of my window and there, poking up over the top of my steadings, is the windmill! The sails/blades/whatever they're called - weren't going round though, so I'm guessing it's not operational yet. When it's up and running, I think I'll just spend my free time watching it and being hypnotised! lol

"Round, like a circle in a spiral,
Like a wheel within a wheel .........."


Well, I've collected my Reductil capsules from the chemist, but I want to enjoy the Ball on Saturday, so I'm not going to start taking them till Monday.

I've read all the guff on the information sheet and everything seems to be ok - apart from the bit where it says I can't take Imigran. Oh nooooooo!!! I know I haven't had a migraine in months (apart from one, in the middle of the night a few weeks ago), but I'm a bit scared in case I get another long cluster of them.

What shall I do??????