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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Good reception (ist)?

Well, hopefully!
I started my new job today at 4.30am, when the alarm went off. *yawn* That's the time I normally go TO bed! lol Brother-in-law collected me at 5.30am and off we went.
I was taught how to use the small switchboard - and I think Ive got it. There's a desktop Dymo labeller that I was shown how to use, but didn't actually get to use. I did get to use the postal weighing machine though AND the shiny new flatscreen PC, with permanent internet connection! Well, I didn't actually use the internet but it's nice to know it's there! lol I used Excel for the first time though!
My job title is actually Receptionist/Personnel Assistant, but I have yet to learn any of the Personnel stuff.

So, still loads to learn. I know the first day is always the worst, but I really cannot wait until I've been there for a few weeks and don't feel so green!!

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Eleanor said...

By golly that's an early start. Was it OK though? Not as scary as you thought? Well done anyway, things can only get better as you settle in.