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Saturday, 7 April 2007

Car trouble

The car that Tim and I have been using has given up the ghost, I'm afraid. Everything has gone wrong with it and it's going to cost more to repair than it's worth. So yesterday, we booked a garage to replace the exhaust on Tim's old Laguna. It was literally trailing on the road underneath and and as we drove, we had to keep stopping to pick up bits of old exhaust that were falling off all over the place - and plonk them on the verges. Oh dear!!!

We finally made it though and now it's been sorted and it's lovely and quiet again, with no sparks flying underneath!! Yikes!

Now all we need to do is wait for Easter to be over, then book it in to get an MOT, then get the road tax and insurance tranferred over from the scrapped car.

We'll get there in the end! :)

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