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Saturday, 12 May 2007


I got up at my usual time of 4.40am for work a couple of days ago and went for a look out of the window in my craft room. This is the sight that greeted me!

How gorgeous is that! In case you are wondering, although I zoomed in quite close, there is NO false colour, or burning in, on this picture.

The windmill (or wind turbine?) blades were spinning at a fair old speed, but the camera has frozen them nicely in mid-spin!


Last weekend, Tim and I went to B & Q to get some lengths of cheapo Contiboard, plus brackets, to make into shelves for my craft room. The room is SO untidy - although I know where everything is!! lol
Anyway - here it is, in all it's newly-shelved splendour .......

Of course, what you can't see in this picture, is the mess that still exists elsewhere in the room!
I'll get around to tidying up eventually - but probably not anytime soon! :)

My dragon can just about be spotted, peeping out from behind the angle-poise lamp!


After a rather long hiatus, I'm back again. For how long, I wouldn't like to say, but for now I'm here and that's that! :)

"So what's been happening?" I hear you ask (..... or maybe it's just the voices in my head!) .

Well - I'm enjoying my job more and more, if t'were possible. It's great. Never a dull moment, never a time when I look at my watch and wonder how long still to go until home time, never a day that I dread going there. I simply love it - early mornings included!

Big sis and brother-in-law's house is coming on nicely, although the slater is taking his time somewhat. BIL has been working hard to get rid of all the whins (gorse) that has sprung up along the roadside part of the fence. It restricts the field of view when trying to get the car safely out of the drive and onto the road. He's making a grand job of it too.