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Sunday, 30 September 2007


Here's my effort for today's Show-Off Sunday.
It's Brian May of Queen - just in case you don't recognise him! I took this shot when Irene and I went to London to see Queen playing in Wembley Arena in 1984. Because we were members of their Fan Club, we got preferential seating ..... in the second row! All in all, I think Irene and I saw Queen 8 or 9 times and each show was brilliant.

This shot was taken with one of those teeny tiny Disc cameras - remember them? That's why the quality isn't great - but as a photo of Brian May, I think it's FAB!

Saturday, 29 September 2007

SPS - by request!

This is for Charli and a couple of others who asked to see more of the tattoo on my leg. I had to go through painful contortions to get this shot and it's still a rubbish one! lol The ivy actually goes higher up my leg than this, but this is the best of a bad bunch. Hmmmmmm ..... I have loads of tattoos .... maybe those will be my SP's for the next few weeks! :) lol

Ok - so it's really far to early on a Saturday morning to blog properly, so I'll leave it at that for now. BBL!

Friday, 28 September 2007

Wait till tomorrow comes, yeah yeah!

So sang the very talented Annie Lennox, during her Eurythmics stage. Well, I just CAN'T wait till tomorrow comes, because Tim will be home, yeah yeah!!! His flight gets in to Aberdeen around 5.10pm, so I'll be leaving here at around 3.30pm. WhooHoooooo!!! :D

Anyway, getting back to Annie Lennox ........

She is the same age as my big sis, Irene. But whereas she and I went to the local Academy here in Fraserburgh, Ms Lennox attended the very posh Albyn School for Girls in Aberdeen. Both schools used to put choirs into the Aberdeen Music Festival competitions. Irene and I loved them - we always used to sing! I'm digressing again! So.... one year, when Irene was in the senior choir, they found themselves pitted against Albyn (complete with Ms Lennox) and guess who won? OUR choir!!!! So, Irene's claim to fame is that she beat Annie Lennox in a singing competition! YAY!!! Lol

So we move on to today's word - Cushion. Here's mine. I wish I really was asleep - I'm so tired tonight I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Double Entendre!

Well, not really, but I couldn't think of another title for this evening's post.
Here is my shot for today's word on HSMS - Stamp. I thought, what better than a stamp of a stamp!! lol I bought this little one in Glasgow a couple of years ago, but like so much of my stash, I haven't really used it that much. So it's nice to get the chance, courtesy of Kirsty and Anita!

Work was busy, busy, busy today.
It's normally busy, but today it was triply (is that a word?) so! However, tomorrow is the last Friday of the month, which means barbeque Friday at work! Whit whooooooo!! The company bought a fabby gas barbie a few months ago and at lunchtime on the last Friday of every month, the warehousemen get it fired up and cook steaks, burgers and sausages for everyone. Susanne (personnel) and I have a trip to Asda to get other goodies, like salads, crisps, wine & beer (yes!!!) etc ..... and a jolly good hour is had by all! Only problem is trying to get back into a working frame of mind for the afternoon! lol

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Show us your jugs!

I had a good old chuckle when I read the word for today ..... Jug! lolol Isn't it funny how just the sound of a word makes you laugh? Here's mine. It's a gorgeous jug, which Tim and I received from my nephew Steven as a wedding gift. it's stands around 2ft tall and is heavy even when empty, so there's no way you could actually use it to pour liquid!

So today, my beloved flew to Barcelona, then had a four and half hour drive to get to wherever it is they are! He did tell me, but I can't remember now. He told me the temperature there was in the mid twenties and I just growled at him. It's barely 4 degrees here in chilly Scotland! Brrrrrrrr

A quick explanation ....

.... about the Pergamano sponge yesterday. I think it confused a few of you ..... but that was probably my fault, for assuming that everyone would know what it was!

It's just an ordinary sponge, cut in the shape of the trade-mark Pegamano fan, that you can use when you're painting and using a dip pen. It's not a type of sponge - it's just an ordinary one that is sold under the brand name of Pegamano. More fool me for buying one! lol

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Sponge is one of those words that the longer you look at it, the less sense it seems to make. Or maybe it's just me being a bit odd! lol Nevertheless, that is the word for today on HSMS and here is my effort. Nothing spectacular, just a natural sponge at the back and my Pergamano sponge in front.

I have to give a big pat on the back today, to Two Cats Crafts . I ordered two AMM Tote-ally cool totes from them on Sunday night ..... LATE on Sunday night - and they arrived this morning. Superb service! Well done them. Everything seems to be very reasonably priced, plus P&P is free on orders over £20!

Tim has been away for almost 4 days now, so it's getting closer to the time when he'll be home again. He phoned today to say that he and Bryan (the other leader) took the group on a helicopter trip up a mountain this morning, where they were dropped off (not literally I hope!! lol), so they could walk back down, studying the rocks on the way. Tomorrow, they all fly to Barcelona so they can see the Pyrenees.
*sigh* It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it!

Monday, 24 September 2007

Playing catch-up

I never managed to get an image uploaded yesterday, because I wasn't feeling very well. I think I exhausted what little brain cells I have left, at the crop on Saturday - about which there will be more later!

So today's word over on HSMS is 'Dog'. I don't have a dog, so I didn't think I'd be able to play today, but then I remembered a little soapstone Inuit carving that my first DH took back from Canada when he worked on Baffin Island for the Hudson's Bay Company. He's adorable, if a little pathetic-looking.

Here's my SOS for yesterday. It's not a particularly good shot (taken in 1984), but I remember being so proud of making this Pierrot costume! It was orginally made for Kerry about two years previously, but this is Jodie modelling it this time. She's just so cute, holding her china Pierrot doll too. Later that evening, we noticed the doll's hat had disappeared and sadly, we never did find it.

Finally for today, here's quick snap of the crop that I went to on Saturday.

Much chatter, laughter and drinking of tea - and not much crafting - was the order of the day! It was good fun and I'll certainly be going to the next one!

Saturday, 22 September 2007

It's that day again!

Instead of inflicting my fizzog on you all again this week, I thought I'd show off my noo shooz.
Yes, yes, yes - I know they're fake, but I don't care!
They're comfy, if not exactly stylish but I don't care!
And (tut, tut - shouldn't start a sentence with 'And' - but I don't care!) anyway, I'm at an age when comfort is everything! lol

The tattoo around my right ankle started off as just that .... a band of ivy around my ankle. Then it grew to calf height and now it reaches my hip. I love it! I'm thinking of getting some to grow over my foot too. :)

Tim's gone. Roll on next Saturday.

I'm busy trying to figure out what to take to this damned crop! I seem to have packed in so much stuff already, but there's still more I think I should take "just in case". Almost forgot to pack some photographs! Yikes. But ...... I may not get any scrapping done ..... I might make a few minibooks, or ATC's ..... oh, I just don't know! I think I'll take my mighty Canon with me though, so I can get some pics to remember my first crop by.

Later, lovlies! xx

Friday, 21 September 2007

Look into my eyes .......

Over on HSMS, the photo prompt for today is 'Stare'. I wasn't too sure what I was going to do for this one till I got home from work and remembered this lovely bronze that Tim and I got as another wedding gift.

So here it is, complete with the obligatory dust, for which I make absolutely no apologies! You can see the dust even better if you click on the pic! lolol

Tim's cooking some salmon fillets as I type, which he's going to serve on a bed of fresh asparagus, with roasted tomatoes on the vine and some parsley sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! :)


Oh wow - it was as utterly delicious as any delicious thing can be! Here are the before and after shots! lol

The meal is over, but the wine is still in full flow, being Friday - and no work tomorrow! :)

It was a kind of going-away meal because Tim is off on a geology trip tomorrow, for a whole week, which is great for him because he's doing what he loves, but horrid for me because I'm losing the one I love - even if only for a week. He's gallivanting off to the Alps and the Pyrenees, lucky thing. I'm driving him to the airport tomorrow morning, for his check-in at 7.15am. Hmmmmmm - not much of a lie-in for me then, eh? Maybe I'd better not have another glass of da vino!

Thursday, 20 September 2007


Yes, I think smash would be more appropriate for my photograph today! This is a terracotta flowerpot that I had to smash, then reconstruct, as part of an archaeological conservation summer school that I took part in a few years ago. As you can see, there are quite a few shards missing. These were deliberately snaffled by the tutor, so we wouldn't end up with a perfect pot (fat chance anyway! lol). It's been sitting on a shelf here in my craft room since it was done, so it's gathered a fair bit of dust too. Who knows - maybe if I leave it long enough, the dust will fill the gaps! Wahey - sounds like a plan to me!

I'm going off to my very first crop on Saturday and I'm pooing my pants already. Don't really know why I'm so nervous about it. I've been scrapping for years now ..... but never with other people. I'm scared in case I don't manage to get anything done. At least I will be with my daughter Kerry - and I know a few of the girls who are going. When I worked in the craft shop, many of them were regular customers and came to me for a bit of advice and inspiration. I think I'll need some inspiration from them now! lol

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Jimi Hendrix .....

.... wasn't what I would call exactly quirky, but these Jimi teddies may be! They are my take on the word of the day - quirky - on HSMS and were part of a wedding present that Tim and I received when we got married. I just love them! I think they're so cute, with their wee shock of black hair! lol

Tim is seriously thinking about giving up his PhD research. He is getting no support at all from the Uni. I'm not talking about financial support - he doesn't get that anyway, being self-funded - I'm talking about the fact that he is a hard rock geologist ..... but all the tutors and markers are soft rock geologists. So, whenever he has to write a report or whatever, they send it back to him, to rewrite in a way that they can understand!!!! Yet, the soft rock PhD researchers don't have to write in a way that hard rock tutors would understand. Oh no. It's not fair and he is SO dispirited. If the Uni can't get a hard rock tutor to mark papers, then why, oh why, did they accept Tim for his PhD research in that field? I tell you, it makes my blood boil. He has worked SO hard to get where he is and now it looks as though it will have all been for nothing.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

A rose by any other name .....

Today's prompt is 'Hang'. I took a few shots when I got home from work, but I think this is my favourite. It's a rather sad, battered and tattered rose, that has been hanging from the bookshelves in the kitchen for quite a few years, alongside Roget's Thesaurus, a dictionary, Guinness Book of Hit Singles, some photo albums and of course, Tim's cookbooks. Poor old rose. It's been dropped, banged into, squashed and had bits drop off it many times, but it's still there and I think it probably always will be.

No gourmet meal for me tonight, I'm sad to say. Tim's been lecturing at Uni this afternoon and taking some first year engineering students around one of the Maritime museums in Aberdeen. He's not home yet and he told me not to wait for something to eat and he'll get something for himself when he gets home. So, I've just had some coronation chicken sarnies! Lolol A bit of a comedown from last night, eh!

There's a challenge on the forum to make a tag book and I finished and photographed mine this evening. I love all things Oriental!

Monday, 17 September 2007


Today's word on HSMS is secret ploy by Anita and Kirsty to make us take even more pics of ourselves! :) I just got home from work, announced to Tim that the word was 'Us', asked him to cuddle me and this is the result!

It's like winter up here today. 6 degrees of coldness, rain and wind too. :( But to warm me up, Tim cooked the most delicious meal ever! Chicken breasts with a topping of polenta mixed with chopped tomatoes, garlic, deseeded red chilli and I can't remember what else he said was in it. Only problem was, in our wee town, nobody seemed to sell polenta, so he subsituted fresh breadcrumbs and it worked out just fine. Besides the chicken, he made a lovely, tangy, limey pesto, with oven roasted potatoes covered with a coating of olive oil and paprika, then to finish it off, a side portion of rocket. Oh yummy yummy yummy!!!!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Show-Off Sunday

I managed to get this month's pages for the CJ done this morning, after starting them yesterday. Also got this month's ATC done for the permanent swap. That's the most crafting I've had time to do for months, I think!

On to today's Show-Off pic. Once again, I'm delving into the past, to bring you a shot from the very first film that I EVER developed and printed myself. There is so much wrong with this shot ..... the negative is faaaaar too overdeveloped but nobody told me how to do it - I was just taking a shot in the dark(room)! Groan!!
However, I kinda like the way it's turned out, all grainy and 'old' looking. It's atmospheric too, because it was taken in the oldest part of our local cemetery. Must be over 20 years ago, because Jodie (the little one in this pic) is now 26 and Kerry (on the left) is married with 4 little 'uns herself! Apologies for the marks on the photo. It's an old scan, done years ago before I really knew what I was doing! lol

Click on the picture to get a bigger version.

We had an ATC swap on the forum, with a "Magical/Mystical" theme. I decided to go with a fairy tale princess-type and these are results. I used the "Castle Keep" plate from Oxford Impressions for the images - apart from the prince/king, which I found on the web. Papers and ribbons are from DCWV.

Saturday, 15 September 2007


Can't quite believe it's SP Saturday again. It's not nice having to take one when I'm just up! Anyway, for what it's worth - here I am!

Hope everyone has a lovely, fun-filled Saturday!

Friday, 14 September 2007

Oh yes, it's Friday!

I've definitely had that Friday feeling all day. Athough the week seems to pass quickly, it still seems to be a lonnnnng time from one weekend till the next. Why is that, I wonder? Most odd.

The summer season (not that we really had a summer this year) is coming to an end. It's not even 8.00pm and it's almost dark already. At midsummer up here, it never really gets totally dark. I remember one year, Tim's parents were visiting at midsummer and Steph, my MIL, was out at midnight, doing a spot of weeding .... when I asked her why, she replied, "Because I can!" lol

So here's my effort for HSMS today. The word is Tweezers, which is ok because I have several pairs, but these four are the only ones I could lay my hands on just now!

Thursday, 13 September 2007


Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice said. I was certain that I had a really, really old copy of 'The OId Curiosity Shop', but I can't find it. I was going to take a photo of it for today's word on HSMS. Yes, I know the title isn't exactly the same, but a little artisic licence is allowable, isn't it? :)

SO, in the absence of the aforementioned book, here's a quick snap of Elvis. He is the strangest cat ever. He calls out for attention, but as soon as you make ANY move towards him, he's off as quick as a flash. Lol However, using the camera on the automatic setting, I held it down almost to the grass, at arms length and lo and behold, he started to walk towards it to see what it was! I quickly clicked the shutter and this is the result! Not very imaginative perhaps, but a minor triumph for me! Yay!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


I'm cheating today, but I love this photo! It's not a good scan and I can't find the original, but here it is anyway! lol

Tim and I, taken by Jodie on the Big Island of Hawaii, in 1998. Although the Big Island was beautiful, it pales when compared to Kauai - the Garden Isle. Oh, it's my dream to return one day ..... maybe ..... hopefully .......

Click on it to get a bigger view!

Tim's been trying out the new suite today! He says he might need to try it out some more tomorrow, just to check that it's comfy enough! Lolol
He's getting very good with his culinary skills! Yesterday, he cooked pork steaks with a honey, Chinese 5-spice and orange juice dressing, with new potatoes and pak choi (sp). It was delicious! I'm glad that one of us enjoys cooking ..... and I'm glad that it isn't me! Tee hee!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Sorry, but .......

....... I've simply run out of time to get a photo for today's prompt. I'll try to play catch-up tomorrow.

My big sis and BIL are building a house next door to me and it won't be too long before they move in. I'm SO excited!! They offered Tim and I their 3-2-1 living room suite that they had in their lounge and we jumped at it! It's gorgeous. Our own suite is old and worn and definitely in need of being replaced. Big sis phoned just after supper this evening to say they would be coming over here with it, so what with getting the old one out and the new one in, I haven't had time for anything else! It has to be said, I'm over the moon with it! :)

I know my big sis reads my blog, so I'd like to say a great big 'Thank You' to her, for the suite! It's fab! xxxxx

Monday, 10 September 2007

Let them eat cake!

Or at least, let them take a photograph of a cake! :)

However, there are no cakes in my space today I'm afraid. Only an empty cake tin. lol

Back to work again today. Why, oh why do the weekends pass so quickly? I vote for two-day working weeks and 5-day weekends! Heaven lolol

Cameron had an appointment with the dentist today for a couple of fillings. He's only eight, but he brushes twice a day and he even flosses, yet the dentist says his teeth are severely de-calcified. Kerry is devastated. Dentist says he has to eat more healthily ..... but Kerry's kids are the most healthy eaters I have ever seen! They don't turn their noses up at anything. I told her that he is going to be just like my big sister. She looked after her teeth SO well, yet she was always at the dentist, needing fillings. She just had soft teeth. Poor Cameron will be the same. :(

Aaliyah has another chest infection, which always leads to asthma attacks. She seems to get them regularly, every 5 - 8 weeks. Poor wee mite. She's once again on antibiotics and an inhaler.

I've started another blog, this time just for photos. Nothing earth-shattering, just some that I like! There's a link in the list on the right. It's called 'Snap-Happy Bobs'.

Sunday, 9 September 2007


Is it really a whole week since the last Show Off Sunday? Doesn't feel like it!

So here's my offering. Not a technically brilliant shot by any means ... and the clutter in the background annoys me .... but I really like it anyway. A few months ago, Tim and I had the 4 grandkids over for an afternoon of crafting and creating .... or as Cameron called it, a Craft Afty! lol

Here is Saffron, concentrating hard on mixing the ingredients to make some fairy cakes. I love the way she's holding the bowl and also the way she's holding the wooden spoon! If you're wondering what on earth she's wearing, it's one of Tim's old shirts, worn back-to-front. All four of them had one! So, as I say, not the best shot in the world, but definitely one of my favourites!

Not sure what the day has in store for us. Tim usually goes to teach his swordfighting class in Aberdeen, but he wasn't feeling up to it today, so he called to say he wouldn't be there. Right now, he's rearranging the stuff on the shelves in the kitchen, to make way for his cookery books!

Saturday, 8 September 2007

My first SP Saturday!

I didn't have the courage to put up a 'normal' shot of myself, so here's a silly one of me, blowing all of you a kiss! Please ignore the eyes staring maniacally at you and horribly bitten nails! Hope I haven't put you off you breakfast/lunch/dinner! lol Oh - and I don't really have a moustache ..... it's just a shadow, wrinkly thingie .... honestly!

The funeral went as well as funerals do. The weather stayed nice, which is always a bonus. It's such a shame when families end up living so far apart, that the only times they get together are for weddings and funerals. This was the case this time. I have two nieces and two nephews, who I haven't seen since my son's funeral 6 years ago, then the time before that, was when Tim and I got married, 7 years ago. I really have no idea when I will see them again. 'Twas lovely to catch up with them though. They are all in their mid-to-late twenties now, some are married, some not. One has a child and one is engaged .... yet it seems like only yesterday that my own children - and the nieces and nephews - were little kiddies. Where do the years go?

Friday, 7 September 2007

It's good to talk

It's the funeral today, so we'll be leaving in about an hour's time. Can't wait till it's over and done. Wouldn't it be great if funerals were happy occasions ... used to celebrate the life of the person, instead of grieving their passing?

Oh well, I'd better go and iron my trousers and blouse. Can't very well appear at the chapel looking like a wrinkled old duvet.

Wish I could iron my face.

Back to the title of this entry .... that is what the old BT advert on telly used to say. I came online to see what the prompt today on HSMS ........ and as soon as I saw it was 'Talk', the phone rang and Tim answered it, immediately giving me the idea for my shot today! He doesn't like it, of course! He was chatting to my sister about this and that - and all the time, I was shoving my camera in his face! lol

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Feast ....

..... for sore eyes! This isn't my offical shot for HSMS today, but I really like it, so here she is - my youngest daughter, Jodie, on the day she graduated. She doesn't often take her glasses off, but I wanted one shot of her without them on and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. We'd been having a few drinks of champange before the ceremony and we were all very happy indeed. *hic* lol

This however, is my proper attempt. Tim made me a lovely spag bol tonight, but used penne instead of spag .... so I suppose it should really be penne bol! :) It was delicious too!

I'm still loving Vista. I tried uploading pics to the PC using the slot in my printer and the slot in the tower. Both worked perfectly. Hope it stays this way, because I have to say, I'm impressed!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


No photo today, I'm afraid ..... although I've left comments for everyone else!
The reason is that I got a brand spanking new PC yesterday and Tim has spent almost all day setting it up for me, so it was almost ready when I got home from work.

I'd heard not-so-good-things about Vista, with compatibility problems etc, but (touch wood) so far, everything has been fine. I've got a HUGE 21" Widescreen monitor that is taking a bit of getting used to, to say the least! lol It's like watching a tennis match because my head has to turn from left to right to see everything that's on the screen! lol

So what with getting it set up and then getting all my old bookmarks done again, I just haven't had time to get a photo taken. I'm off for a shower in a moment, then bed.

That's really the one thing I am having great trouble with about this job - going to bed early. I hate it with a passsion! But having to get up at 4.30am every morning means that I have no choice. *sigh*

Hopefully, I'll manage to get a photo done on the morrow!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Thoughful .....

..... is the photo prompt on HSMS today and here is 4 year old Saffron in that very mood. I've cheated by only two days, because I actually took this on Sunday. It's not often we catch her like this - she's normally a real live-wire! I've just realised it's more than a bit dark. Sorry!

I must say a huge 'thank you' to all of you fellow HSMS players for your lovely comments yesterday. I'm touched that you all took the time to say something, so once again, thank you so much. xxx

I had an appointment at the Thyroid Clinic today and it appears that my levels are normal now. Hmmmmmmmm. In that case, I asked the doc, why am I so grossly overweight, why do my feet and ankles swell up every night, why am I so out of breath all the time and why do I have NO energy at all? Well, he answers, when your thyroid was overactive, you probably got used to eating a bit more than you needed, but it was being used up by the thyroid. Now though, it's back to normal and even though I'm not eating any more, it's still more than my body needs, so it's going on as fat. Oh dear, oh dear. Basically, I'm fat. Nothing I didn't know then! Looks like it'll be a diet for me in the very near future. I'm HOPELESS at dieting!!!

Monday, 3 September 2007

Sad day

My first father-in-law died in the early hours of this morning. We knew it was coming because he has been very frail for quite some time, then last week he suffered a couple of strokes. Somehow though, no matter how much you are expecting it, when it actually happens it's still a huge shock.
I married his son when I was 18 and we went on to have three wonderful children together, but when the eldest was only 11, my husband died.
I remarried many years later, but we always stayed quite close. So much so, that Tim and I invited him and my two sisters-in-law to our wedding. That's why I call him my 'First' father-in-law, not my 'Ex' father-in-law.
My girls have taken it very hard. It's only 3 months since my own mum died, so they've lost their last remaining grandparents within a very short space of time.

With all this going on, I haven't been able to take my time over today's photo prompt, which is 'Fall'. I'm not happy with it, but here it is anyway ......

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Show-off Sunday

That's the theme for HSMS every Sunday now. Show a photograph that you've taken, that you're particularly proud of. Doesn't have to be a new one.

So ...... this is mine for today:

This was taken many, many moons ago at the old boatshed in the grounds of Fyvie Castle, here in Aberdeenshire. The figurehead was just standing guard outside and she was just crying out to have her photo taken! I took one of all three of my children with her, but this one of my son, is my favourite. He was about 10 years old at the time and if he were still with us, he would have been 31 now.
Those were the days when I had an old SLR and was regularly taking and developing my own B&W films and prints. My darkroom was my kitchen!! Lol
For this particular print, I used a special wash that turned the image from B&W to sepia.

Aaaah, those were the days LONG before the advent of digital! :)

Cor blimey .....

..... crash, bang, wallop, what a picture, what a photograph! (If you're not of a certain age, you're probably wondering what all that was about! lol)

A new camera has taken up residence in our house and I'm finally managing to get some of the photo prompts from HS/MS done again. The camera is a gorgeously handsome Canon EOS 400D, which I have coveted for a long time. :)

OK - first up is 'Foil' ........

Couldn't think what to do for this one, so I just scrunched up one piece and laid it on top of a really smooth piece. I like the different effects.

Next is 'Eyes'..........

These are Kali's eyes. The eyes of a dreamy 7-year-old. And freckles ..... loads of them!

This is 'Pasta' .....

I'm still a complete novice with the new camera, but I do LOVE the depth of field I'm getting with it already. I also LOVE penne pasta ... and any other kind of pasta for that matter! Except macaroni. ACK!!!!

Finally for today, here is 'Smile' .....

Here is 5 year old Aaliyah's beautiful smile. She is a little poser and I had no problems getting her to sit still for some photos. I think she would have sat there all day, posing this way and that!

I'm really quite pleased with my pics so far. I have taken loads more in the garden, but haven't had time to upload them yet. My PC is almost on its last legs and is protesting very strongly at having to try to cope with the software for the camera AND Photoshop Elements 5. It's all too much for the old thing and I feel it really has come time to get a new one.