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Saturday, 22 September 2007

It's that day again!

Instead of inflicting my fizzog on you all again this week, I thought I'd show off my noo shooz.
Yes, yes, yes - I know they're fake, but I don't care!
They're comfy, if not exactly stylish but I don't care!
And (tut, tut - shouldn't start a sentence with 'And' - but I don't care!) anyway, I'm at an age when comfort is everything! lol

The tattoo around my right ankle started off as just that .... a band of ivy around my ankle. Then it grew to calf height and now it reaches my hip. I love it! I'm thinking of getting some to grow over my foot too. :)

Tim's gone. Roll on next Saturday.

I'm busy trying to figure out what to take to this damned crop! I seem to have packed in so much stuff already, but there's still more I think I should take "just in case". Almost forgot to pack some photographs! Yikes. But ...... I may not get any scrapping done ..... I might make a few minibooks, or ATC's ..... oh, I just don't know! I think I'll take my mighty Canon with me though, so I can get some pics to remember my first crop by.

Later, lovlies! xx


Eleanor said...

Hehe, another one bites the dust. I was a 'never buying those clown shoes' person, until I tried a pair on and fell for them. I have a real pair and a notreal pair, and there is not a scrap of difference in them. I'd like to buy another 10 pairs. Hope the crop is all you want it to be, and that your week zooms by until Tim is back in your arms again (and standing at the stove with a pinny on,that meal looked fabulous - loved the eaten plate too, with just the skin and the stalks).

Diana said...

LOL what a great idea I plan to do shoes next weekend! PS Comfort is NUMBER 1!!!
Love Di

pretty-pink-cards said...

mm think we are all debating feet and shoes next week...
great photo and I live in mine!!
Caroline x

SuzyB said...

I live in mine as well, real ones and none real ones, sooo comfy! Hope you dont get too lonely without Tim x

Angela said...

Another croc fan here, real or not, they are one comfy shoe!

Enjoy the crop :-)

MaaikeV said...

what a great tattoo!!
here another crocfan!!

Hazel said...

Comfort wins for me! I'm another fan (haven't got the real thing, but, hey, they're comfy!) Enjoy the crop.

Anna said...

Great photo! Enjoy your first crop - you don't think you actually do any scrapping at them though do you????? (maybe that's just me LOL).

Sue Nicholson said...

Fab shot.

And I regulary start a sentence with AND. And I don't care either :)

I want to see more of your tattoos . . . please please please show more of the ivy next week. You don't have to show it all :)

Enjoy your crop. I am sure you will. Love to see some photos.

Bye for now


p.s. Remember to cook yourself something to eat later on !!!!

Terrie Farrell said...

They are just too darn comfy aren't they. I can't bear to throw mine out even though i've lost one strap! Love the tattoo, much brver than me, i had my lower back done and vowed never again!

Rachael said...

Great minds Bob your shoes look more practical than whats on my feet! Love the tattoo too your much braver than me I had one done 20 years ago and I've never had the nerve to go back and get another. x

Chris said...

Great photo... I'd love a pair of those but as my size 8's already look huge I'm afraid they might make my feet look like giants' feet :D

Debbie said...

I've been swithering for weeks about wether to get a pair of those shoes. If they are as comfy as everyone says then all I have to do now is decide on what colour!! great shot...I'm showing off my feet too this week :)

Ninnie said...

Great shot. Gotta love those shoes.

Charli said...

Love the tattoo Bobs! You are just too cool! Did it hurt? The one I have on my back hurt like hell lol

Louise said...

you are so brave with the tattoos... I'd love one on my foot but I am so scared...LOL!!!
great shot:)

etteY said...

that's a lovely pair of ROX! don't see any difference from the real ones!