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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Show us your jugs!

I had a good old chuckle when I read the word for today ..... Jug! lolol Isn't it funny how just the sound of a word makes you laugh? Here's mine. It's a gorgeous jug, which Tim and I received from my nephew Steven as a wedding gift. it's stands around 2ft tall and is heavy even when empty, so there's no way you could actually use it to pour liquid!

So today, my beloved flew to Barcelona, then had a four and half hour drive to get to wherever it is they are! He did tell me, but I can't remember now. He told me the temperature there was in the mid twenties and I just growled at him. It's barely 4 degrees here in chilly Scotland! Brrrrrrrr


Linda said...

4 degrees? Crikey thats cold!! In Devon it's 20 degrees C inside with no heating, its chilly outside though, but not as cold as you have it!

Love the jug, very colourful.

Joy said...

It's a pretty jug!!

pretty-pink-cards said...

thats a great jug... yes loving that word too
Caroline x

Sue Nicholson said...

Glorious sun here today BUT with biting cold wind that eats it's way to your bones.

Heating on and hot water bottle ready. Brandy warming and I'm away :)

First you get me going with sponge and now jug. Honestly Bobs you are classic :D

Bye for now


Terrie Farrell said...

It certainly ain't warm here but luckily it ain't that cold either! Love the prawns on the jug...or are they shrimps...never know what the difference is to be honest, lovely and colourful though.

Louise said...

love the lobster, it looks like it has been painted with finger prints. Great jug shot:)

pokettiger said...

What a fun jug. Love the ocean theme.

Eleanor said...

I thought the same as Louise - some awfully clever person with paint on their fingers, actually, the more I look at it, the prawn is like a sideways print from your curved little finger. It's lovely anyway. Big, but lovely, lol.

etteY said...

that's a lovely and carefully painted jug! :D

Charli said...

Nice Jug Bobs!! Lol

Its Brrrr round our way today, yikes, im a softy when it comes to cold! Have a great day x

sharon said...

very pretty jug, i love anything handpainted