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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Sorry, but .......

....... I've simply run out of time to get a photo for today's prompt. I'll try to play catch-up tomorrow.

My big sis and BIL are building a house next door to me and it won't be too long before they move in. I'm SO excited!! They offered Tim and I their 3-2-1 living room suite that they had in their lounge and we jumped at it! It's gorgeous. Our own suite is old and worn and definitely in need of being replaced. Big sis phoned just after supper this evening to say they would be coming over here with it, so what with getting the old one out and the new one in, I haven't had time for anything else! It has to be said, I'm over the moon with it! :)

I know my big sis reads my blog, so I'd like to say a great big 'Thank You' to her, for the suite! It's fab! xxxxx


irene said...

Don't mention it!!
Love you lots,
Irene. XXX

Linda said...


Sorry I commented on the 'wrong blog' yesterday, my only excuse is that I'm a bit daft! ;-)

Anne said...

Sometimes a new suite is much more important.....;o) See you again soon!