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Friday, 28 September 2007

Wait till tomorrow comes, yeah yeah!

So sang the very talented Annie Lennox, during her Eurythmics stage. Well, I just CAN'T wait till tomorrow comes, because Tim will be home, yeah yeah!!! His flight gets in to Aberdeen around 5.10pm, so I'll be leaving here at around 3.30pm. WhooHoooooo!!! :D

Anyway, getting back to Annie Lennox ........

She is the same age as my big sis, Irene. But whereas she and I went to the local Academy here in Fraserburgh, Ms Lennox attended the very posh Albyn School for Girls in Aberdeen. Both schools used to put choirs into the Aberdeen Music Festival competitions. Irene and I loved them - we always used to sing! I'm digressing again! So.... one year, when Irene was in the senior choir, they found themselves pitted against Albyn (complete with Ms Lennox) and guess who won? OUR choir!!!! So, Irene's claim to fame is that she beat Annie Lennox in a singing competition! YAY!!! Lol

So we move on to today's word - Cushion. Here's mine. I wish I really was asleep - I'm so tired tonight I can hardly keep my eyes open.


SuzyB said...

LOL your photo made me laugh Bob :o) xx PS happy homecoming for Tim!

Charli said...

Great photo Bobs - and have a great weekend - Im sure you will!! x

Irene said...

Little did we know that we would have such a great talent on our doorstep. Annie Lennox is wonderful!

Great photo - love the colour of the cushion.

Love, Irene. XXX

Hazel said...

Awwww hope you're fast asleep now.

Shannon said...

Bob you are too funny. My hubby thinks I am crazy laughing at teh screen.

Sue Nicholson said...

I don't know about the colour, it's the design that grabbed me ;)

You are so funny :D