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Friday, 26 October 2007

Catch-up Friday

Sorry about the little hiatus yesterday, but I was so tired when I got home from work, I couldn't summon the energy to do much of anything. So tonight Matthew, I'm playing catch-up.

Today's word on HSMS, is Bathroom .... find a favourite spot, or object there. Well now, where else would you look to find a HUGE Lego model of an X-Wing Fighter, eh? Everybody knows they live in the bath!

Yesterday's word was Hall and here are two shots of mine. First one is a shot of my beloved, taken on the stairs yesterday, but I was too tired to get it uploaded. He loathes having his photo taken, but he had just arrived home from lecturing at Uni and he looked so smart that I pleaded with him to let me take some and to my utter amazement, he said ok!!

Second shot was taken from roughly the same spot a few years ago, during a LARP (Live-Action Role Playing) game at our house! That's Jodie on the right, being caught red-handed by some of our friends! lolol I love LARP .... it's so much fun, but can be sooooo scary at the same time!

Tim and I went over to see Irene and Zander for a wee while after supper. We didn't stay long because Tim had to get ready for his sword-fighting class and anyway, they were just about to have their own supper. The drives (we share an entrance from the road, then it splits in two) were being tarred today and won't be ready to be driven on for a couple of days, so our cars are parked in the field just now.

I'll really, really try to get a pic of the houses tomorrow.


Marina said...

Love the lego in the bath I am sure there is not that many people that can say that they have a huge model of an X-Wing Fighter in there Bath.... and what a wonderful stair case you have very grand :~) xx

Eleanor said...

1. The plane is fab - how the thing on the left is hanging there, in focus (sorry I don't know its name,I'm not inTIMately acquainted with aircraft parts) and the nose bit on the right (eek,seriously out of my depth here (and that's an inappropriate metaphor if ever there was one)). Next, the larping in the hall had me laughing (or larfing) out loud. Looks incredibly fun. What a fabby family you are.
Have a lovely relaxing weekend.

Bambi said...

lol on the plane (^_^) i love your hall pics, especially the LARP. i wish i have somebody to that with.

SuzyB said...

Hmm Bobs, seems you've been hiding Monsieur Bobs from our prying eyes because he's a bit of a hotty... No wonder you keep him hidden ;o) Great pics, love the LARP one, tell me more about that!

Gemma* said...

who'd have guessed you had a lego fighter jet in your bath - LOL :D

Louise said...

oooo LARP sounds like fun... your hubby is a bit of a dish isn't he:)

Great shots

Chris said...

ooooh it and your staircase is FABULOUS... mind you it has a lot to do with that handsome man LOL... no it really is lovely and the LARP looks great fun :D

Shannon said...

Yeah where else am I gonna go look for a X-wing fighter? You crack me up. I am confused who is Zander and Irene?

Charli said...

Handsome guy Bobs!! And love that LARP pic too! And a lego thingy in the bath...fabulous!

Sue Nicholson said...

Love the LEGO in the bath . . . boy those lil bricks hurt when you stand on them in bare feet! Give me Duplo any day, at least you can see them!

Mmmmm . . . it's all been said but yes Bobs, Tim is very photogenic :)

And the stairs are amazing! Love the LARP shot. Looks like absolute fun. Never heard of it before but presume it's a lil like the Who Dunnit themes for parties. Fab costumes :)