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Wednesday, 31 October 2007


It's no secret that my family and I LOVE Hallowe'en! The grandkids love getting dressed up, but they don't go out 'trick or treating' as such .... they just come out here to visit, then go to see their other Grandparents and also go to see their Auntie Jodie. It's always a fabby fun evening. Tim and I got the kitchen decorated after I got home from work, with spooky fairy lights, bunting, lanterns, spider table sprinkles and loads more ...... then we laid out loads of goodies to eat and drink, complete with Hallowe'en crackers too! Oh - and a CD playing creepy sound effects! Great fun!

Here's the kitchen ......

Cameron was a Cyberman (he KNOWS I'm terrified of them! lol).

Kali was a cute lil kitten cat!

Aaliyah made an adorable vampire! (I've just noticed her hands. Yikes .... she really, really, really isn't making a 'v' sign!!!!!)

Saffron was a skeleton!

Ahhhh ..... much fun was had by all! Now I'm shattered and off to bed soon! *yawn*


MommyBa said...

Your HS:MS photos were all lovely! I'm sure you had so much fun for Halloween :)

Diana said...

It's so many years since I have celbrated halloween and you have given me the inspiration. Next year I am gong to do pumpkins and decorate and I may even dress up myself! Your pics are so great Bobs!

Claire said...

Now if all the kjids around here made as much effort as your grandkids, I wouldn't be so against trick or treating! Great pictures of lovely kids!

Sue Nicholson said...

Totally understanding the cyberman thing :D

Great photos Bobs. You really are a super photographer. The costumes are just amazing :)

Lovin the blood red glow and the scene you set was brilliant.

Your drawer is incredibly organised Bobs :)

Can't wait to see your fridge . . . any leftovers from last night in there??????


Jenga said...

FABBY costumes !! :D

Chris said...

Wow Bobs!! Amazing Just love all the costumes and your room decorating is fab!! Thanks for sharing :D

Angela said...

Looks like halloween at your house was the place to be.

How lovely that you enjoy it together. Great pics :-)