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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Playing catch-up

Apologies for my non-appearance yesterday, but I had the dreaded lurgy. Still not feeling 100%, but definitely getting there!

The word today on HSMS is 'Card', so here are some! The credit/debit ones are an essential part of any self-respecting papercrafter's kit!

Here's my 'Wheel' pic for yesterday. Tim makes model aeroplanes and there are a fair number of them on the shelves in the spare bedroom - this is a wheel from one of them. Woe betide if any of them get broken, so I keep well clear and leave the dusting of them to him. Therefore, I take no responsibility for the appearance of said dust in this shot! lol


Hazel said...

Lol!!! Great take on 'card' - very necessary!! Sorry you're not feeling well - hope you are better soon xx Oh, and the wheel shot is super

Maaike said...

great take on the card prompt!!

Caz said...

Great idea for both the wheel & card prompts.

Chris said...

ROFL I almost did my bank cards too Bobs!!
Love the wheel shot... what a clever idea:)
Sending you ((hugs)) and hoping you feel better soon :)

Diana said...

LOL what a great take on the prompt! Hee hee. Sorry you have not been well
Love Di

SuzyB said...

Love the depth of field on this one, nice and blurred - erm means I cant quite see the numbers though, can you email me them? LMAO!!

Aubrey Harns said...

These are great Bobs & I especially like your "card" shot. Hadn't thought of that one!

Charli said...

Fab take on todays prompt Bobs - my cards in my purse are probably the most important part of my crafting supplies too!! Love the whell pic for yesterday, BTW, what is this dust you speak of? I have heard it mentioned before!!

Glad you're feeling better love, it seems to be 'going round' as they say, a few people have been ill havent they? Take it easy chuck x

Linda said...

Cards - brilliant idea, I'd be lost without mine and I never even gave them a thought!

Wheel - fab shot!

Joy said...

LOL on your dust comment!
Lovely shots! Love your take on the "card" Didn't think of that.

Shannon said...

sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you get better soon. I like both of your pictures. I knew what the second on was as soon as I saw it as my father is a pilot and I grew up around planes. Great shots.

etteY said...

Great take Bobs! and lovely wheel shot, thanks for wishing me well! I hope you feel much much better now!

warm ((hugs)) for ya!

Rachael said...

Love both shots, the wheel one reminds me of my Dad and all his model planes that we all avoid touching. Lol