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Saturday, 6 October 2007

SPS .... again!

Can't stop ...... we're busy rearranging my craft room! Be back later though! :)

I'm back!!

Some of you have asked what I was thinking about in this shot. Well, to tell the truth, I was just thinking that I hoped I didn't look too fat! lol The fact that I do is neither here nor there! I also played about with it in Photoshop Elements. Not sure if I like it or not.

Most of my craft room is done now. Blimey! Much more like hard work than I thought it would be. Big sis (Irene) and BIL were getting rid of some old bedroom furniture and they asked me if I wanted it. Yes please!! The units are great, with drawers and cupboards and a long, long surface. It's L-Shaped too! So that's what I've been doing. Getting rid of my old drop-leaf table and getting the new stuff in. I'm still not totally finished yet, but definitely getting there. Actually, it's not strictly true that I'm getting rid of the drop-leaf table. it's now going to be used to permanently hold my sewing machine, so it's always at hand. Up to now, it's been kept UNDER the table and it was always such a dread having to get it out.

Right - I'd better get on. I'll take a piccie and post it when I'm done. Probably won't be today though!


Diana said...

Oh you look so thoughtful like what am I going to do with all this stuff! It is such a mission sorting out the craft space. have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK.
Love Di

Chris said...

oooh now what were you thinking about!! Really great shot, have fun sorting out your craft room :D

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh please please please come and do mine! It's a ruddy tip and so uninspiring.

So what are you contemplating here? This is such a good photo Bobs but I really would like to know what you were thinking about. No! Don't tell me . . . leave it up to my imagination!

Thanks for the tag. It's done!!!

Bye for now


Hazel said...

Very contemplative! Great shot! Interesting reading your tag facts.

SuzyB said...

Mmmm a thoughtful pose, you must tell us what you were thinking about.

Shannon said...

Yeah what are you thinking about? Great shot!

Charli said...

Loved reading your 7 facts about you Bobs! And fab pic of you for today!

Eleanor said...

I reckon it's more of a 'wish we'd never started this malarkey' look but it must be so good to have it done. I'd love to have the sewing machine available all the time. I've lately been keeping mine on the windowsill, lol, as there's no room anywhere else. I then put it on the floor to use it. In an ideal world we'd having sewing rooms. And magic colour changing thread and an everlasting bobbin.

SmileyCarrie said...

wow very great job editing your SPS ... great picture :)