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Saturday, 17 November 2007

He's home!

And all is well in my world! :) Tim's flight was delayed from Heathrow (no surprise there, then) so it was quite late by the time we got home, hence no post yesterday.

So here's my 'Away' for yesterday, Although I TOOK this shot yesterday, it wasn't ABOUT yesterday. lol

Moving swiftly on, here's my SPS for today. I was taking shots in the garden early this morning and the sun was casting great shadows - and this is mine! It was really, really chilly out there and I was all wrapped up with my winter jacket on .... and no, my camera isn't growing out of my neck ... honest it isn't!

Tim and I are invited to a 'Star Wars' themed dinner party next Saturday. We've known about it for weeks and weeks and yet, here we are with only a few days to go and we still haven't done anything about our costumes. I'm making a Jedi outfit for Tim, but have no idea what to do for me. Yikes!

I've been very industrious today so far. I've been up since before 7.00am and have already taken lots of photographs and done three loads of washing, with another in the machine as I type. The washing line is almost full and the clothes are blowing nicely in the breeze. I've been in to town twice .... first time for the morning paper and the second time for fresh milk.

Here's a thing - why was is, when I made my tea this morning at 7.00am, the milk in the fridge was fine. Yet when Tim got up two hours later, the milk had turned. How does it happen so quickly????? On the upside, when I went to get the fresh milk, I also bought a pack of croissants. OMG - they were divine! :)


Bambi said...

wow, you have been busy! i woke up at 7am too but what have i done? nothing (^_^) nice shadow!

diana said...

GREAT shots. I am so into shadows! I think I might embark on a shadow theme for the next week!

Hazel said...

Glad Tim got back safely, although late. Love the SPS shadow - great take. Mmmmmm croissants - worth going out for the milk!

SuzyB said...

Ooh great idea for yesterdays prompt!

Glad you have your fella ack :o)

Very clever SPS too, although I think perhaps that camera is growing out of your neck and youre just too embarrassed to say x

Andrew said...

Great SPS Bobs, I love it when people think outside the box!

Hope you enjoy the Star Wars thing - don't forget the camera for the SPS!

Shannon said...

Nice shadow picture! Not as easy as you think taking one of them. Turned out great. Glad you honey is home and all is right with the world again.

maz said...

That's what happens when you do too much photography, the camera welds itself to your neck! great picture, love the colour of the paving. Good luck with the costume, Are you a Princess Leia kind of girl? Do that plait thin with your hair?- No, me neither!

Charli said...

Hey there Bobs!! Love your SP! Ooh Star wars party sounds great - would love to see your pics! Strange about the milk isnt it?

Have a fab rest of the weekend!

Jenga said...

Cool SPS and gald Tim is no longer "away" :D

Eleanor said...

You'll come up trumps with the outfit, I know you will. I can't advise - I still get muddled between star wars and star trek.
Now Toy Story I can do.
Yay - nice dinner photography back on the blog now Tim's home.

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Bobs :)

Just catching up. Love your collect, I struggled too, and the minature. Gosh I remember my Gran's cabinet full of all those little bottles. Fond Memories :)

Loving the shadow shot. I HATE my profile, just hate it, so a shadow might work well for me too . . . if we ever get any more sun.

I have no idea where you ge your energy from. Tired just reading about your day.

Star wars theme! OMG! How fantastic tho' lil concerned what the food could turn out like :D

Hope you are having a good weekend....lakes were great but very cold.

See you in the morn . . . Sue

Gemma* said...

cool self-portrait, love it :)

cass said...

love your away shot, i had no idea for this one and am getting behind again, your SPS looks excellent, the glow on the stone makes it look nice and warm

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Bobs :)

Just popping by to see how you are. Maybe it is his week that you are on your hols. If so hope that you are having a great break.

Bye for now . . . Sue

Rachael said...

Love your shots especially the away one. x

Eleanor said...

Hi chickie, just thinking of you, hope you're having a wonderful hol.

Rachael said...

Just popped in to say hello. Hope your having a grand holiday and that you enjoy your party tomorrow night - have fun but don't forget we want to see you both in your costumes! x

SuzyB said...

Hope you are having a smashing time - catch you when you get back :o) x