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Monday, 26 November 2007

I'm back!

I was filled with good intentions last week of coming online early every day and doing the prompts, promptly. Unfortunately, this never came to fruition and I haven't blogged for a whole week. Very lazy of me. But life just seemed to get in the way!

So by way of some sort of catchup, here are a few shots from the past week .....

This is my fridge door, with it's gorgeous grain. The handle is well worn, as you can see! lol

Next is 'Thirsty'. Tim is growing some herbs in a pot and they always seem to need watering! Some of the seeds just refused to germinate though.

As I mentioned last week, Tim and I went to a Star Wars-themed dinner party at a friend's house. Before we went there, I took this shot of Tim and I, so this is my SPS for 24th!

Here are all the guests! Clockwise from back left:-

Jedi Knight (Tim) ..... Lord of the Sith ..... Princess Amadala ..... Darth Vader ..... (a hilarious) Luke Skywalker ..... Princess Leia ..... Imperial Guard ..... Dark Lady of the Sith (me).

There were two cameras set to self-time, so we weren't sure which one to look at. Obviously, I chose the wrong one! lol

Finally, here's today's word over on HSMS .... 'Wet'. I tried taking a shot of a wet tomato, but somehow I just couldn't get it to look like it did in my mind. So I took a shot of Tim's hands instead. lol

In my week off, I made Tim's costume and also altered one of mine ..... we went Christmas shopping last Thursday in Aberdeen and promised ourselves we wouldn't come home till we finished ...... and we MADE IT!! Yay.
All done.
Apart from the grandchildren's stuff, which we can now buy at our leisure, safe in the knowledge we have everyone's else's bought!

I also got our turkey for Christmas dinner ordered from the butcher. All 24lb of it. Good thing I have a huge oven. I think it's really a Tardis oven because it looks quite small from the outside, but it always amazes me how much I can fit inside it. Apart from the huge turkey, it takes three massive casserole dishes and smaller ones alongside too. Magic, it really is magic!


SuzyB said...

Love all the photos Bob, the party ones made me laugh!

Well done on doing all your shopping too!

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shots Bobs! Love the Star Wars photo! :-)

SuzyB said...

Its an online class run by Shimelle Bobs,

you sign up and receive a PDF prompt every day for 37 days (up to 12th night I think that is) from 1st December.

You only need to buy the class once and then you are invited to do it each year thereafter for free.

Its a great way to remember each Christmas, I really enjoyed it last year :o) x

Jenga said...

Great catch up shots and love the costumes!

Hazel said...

I've missed seeing your daily photos - lovely catch up ones. Wow! your oven needs to be a tardis to accommodate that turkey. (I need to start thinking more about Christmas - done nothing much yet)

Sue Nicholson said...

Sooo good to see you back. Sooo glad too that you have had a good break from everything and hope you are feeling refreshed now for the run up to Christmas :-)

Loving the Star Wars themed party and Tim's wet hands . . . LOL

See you in the morn :-)


Bambi said...

great catchups (^_^)

sharon said...

that Star Wars party looked great fun!!
I have tried growing herbs but figure there's really no point when I don't use

etteY said...

Good to see you back! great catchups!!! love your SPS! you and Tim look great! :D your fridge is really fab! never seen like that before!

Rachael said...

Great to see you back Bobs we missed you. Love your catch up photos and the fun party pics.

Angela said...

Great photos, the party looked like fun.

Especially love your take and the photos for thirsty and wet :-)

So jealous that you've done most of your christmas shopping. It's nearly december and I've barely started.

Shannon said...

Since I cut my hair short I wake up with these outragous hair dos in the morning. Bit scarey. And as I said had a rough night so I look rough today!
Ok, I can see the restroom and morgue connection.....makes sense!