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Friday, 30 November 2007


I'm not feeling very well this evening, so just a short post from me.

The 'Bristle' shot from yesterday was in fact, a bit of Tim's beard, so congrats to those who guessed!

Speaking about Tim, this is the beginnings of his first attempt at beading. He has made loads of jewellery before, but has never tried beading. I took this shot last night, just before I toddled off to bed and since then, he has tightened it up a bit and started to add loops along the bottom. I think it's fabby!

The word today is 'Soft'. I've been using paper towels at work to blow my nose, so it's lovely to come home to these nice soft tissues!

Tim invited Irene and Zander over for dinner this evening. He cooked pork loin steaks and pootato wedges coated with Chinese five spice, honey and orange juice and this was served with kale. It was wonderful. He followed this with his rasperry and blackberry, Greek yoghurt and coulis dessert. I think Irene and Zander enjoyed it!

Thart's it for me tonight. Hopefully I'll be feeling better again tomorrow.


SuzyB said...

Ooh Bobs, hope you feel better soon. I would have put money on yesterdays pic being a close up of a hedgehog lol

Is there no end to Tim's talents!!

Feel better soon x

Aubrey Harns said...

Hope you feel better soon - what a neat piece of jewelry Tim has made - lucky girl!

sharon said...

aww get well soon Bobs.x

maz said...

Hope you feel better soon Bobs. That meal sounds amazing. Feed a cold they say don't they?

Eleanor said...

Dearie me Bobs, this is really dragging on isn't it. You need some sort of tonic, like a retreat, hey?
I really wanted to try beading but it's too fiddly and beads too small. And maybe I have no patience, lol. LOove the colour of those beads Tim.

Diana said...

Hi Bobs! i am now shattered but am almost unpacked. I am going to leave my craft stuff till I get back in january. Tomorrow we are gong to the 'dump' to take all the empty boxes and stuff we do not want! So looking forward to Tuesday when I should be responding to the prompt! I do like your soft shot.

Love Di

Sue Nicholson said...

What a guy ! But then you know that don't you ? :-) Fab beadwork. Fab cook. Fabulous :-)

Great tissue shot.