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Saturday, 3 November 2007

SPS and a Tag!

I've been tagged again this morning by the gorgeous Diana - more of which further down!

It's SPS again already. The weeks really seem to be flying in nowadays! I took this as I sat at the kitchen table this morning, having my cuppa and playing a Scrabble word game on my Nintendo DS Lite. I even play these sort of games at 5.00am each day before I go to work. Fabby way to awaken the brain in the morning! lol

Ok, back to the tag......
Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

Here we go .......

1. I met Tim on the internet in mid-1997. He moved up here from Northampton, so we could be together, on 1st December 1997 - almost 10 years ago. We got married in July 2000.

2. Like Di, I'm a qualified PADI diver, but haven't dived for quite a few years.

3. I'm also a qualified Marine Mammal Medic, which means I get calls to help rescue stranded or injured whales, dolphins, seals etc.

4. I'm practically blind in my right eye after a childhoood squint was left unattended by the doctor for too long.

5. I have a bronze badge for donating 25 pints of blood. I stopped giving blood when I started getting tattoos!

6. Talking of tattoos ...... I've won numerous prizes and trophies for my tattoos at various tattoo conventions in the UK and N. Ireland. I've also had my photo in Skin Deep (UK Tattoo mag) a few times!

7. I love stationery!! If I had loads of money, I could quite happily spend squillions of pounds on notebooks, pens, pencils, folders etc etc. lol


Now I tag ...


I've tried to tag people who may not have been tagged yet, so sorry if any of you have been tagged already!!

So what have I got planned for today? Ummmmm ... not much really. We'll be going in to town later for some goodies because Tim has some friends coming out here tonight to play a golf tournament on the Wii. He's even got a trophy engraved to give to the winner! Boys and their toys, eh?

Anyway, whilst we're in town, I wonder if I can persuade him to go the craft shop for a browse. They sell jewellery-making stuff too, so it shouldn't be too hard. I haven't been there for quite a few weeks now, so I'm hoping they've got some spiffing new stash in! It seems like a lifetime ago that I worked there.


Angela said...


Thanks for the tag, I'm all done!

Love the sps. Is that the brain training you've got on there. It looks fun.

Hope you managed to visit the craft shop for some goodies.

We've got a Wii for christmas, can't wait to play it.

Caz said...

LOL...nice finger tips...hehehe

Maaike said...

I did a catch up with you
you look very organised
thanks for the tag :-)

Eleanor said...

Ooh, learnt a little bit more about you today. My dad used to do the crossword every morning.
I bet Tim wins the trophy,G brought home the one he took to Portugal.
I asked Rick whether he'd like a Wii, (reason I asked will be on my blog prob tomorrow). He said no, he wouldn't because most of the games are energetic,and you (referring to me) don't like leaping about, and you need lots of friends to come round and play with you and we haven't got any.
Sad, eh? But he's right. I'll stick to my bits of paper and glue. He wants an Xbox360.

Bambi said...

i hope we buy a DS instead of a GBA. nice shot!

Hazel said...

Interesting tag. Great shot for your SPS although not a lot of you in it!

Diana said...

hee hee great minds think alike I also did fingers today!

Rachael said...

Ooo love your SPS. I just bought 2 of those today to give to the boys for christmas and can't wait for them to be at school on Monday so I can play. Can you recommend any games? We have the Wii too and love that as well. Rach x

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Bobs :)

Firstly I keep popping over to Charli but she doesn't seem to be posting at the mo.

Clever take on the SPS. Just think when your grandchildren are adults you can show them this photo and they will marvel at how old fashioned the DS is!!! :D

I love logic puzzles and do them most days but so far haven't been truly tempted by the Nintendo.

You are so interesting. I have done seven facts already and it's taking me ages to come up with another seven!!

Bye for now . . . Sue