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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Taking the Rough with the Smooth

So today's word over on HSMS is 'Rough'. My plan was to take a shot of a sanding block, but I couldn't get it to look even remotely interesting, so here is a wodge of steel wool instead. I use this stuff to roughen metal tins and suchlike to prepare them for altering. Have to watch out for sharp bits getting poked into your skin though!

After reading SuzyB's blog last night and looking at her Christmas Journal, I have gone and signed up up for the classes too. I have no idea if I'll actually have time to make a journal over Christmas, but I'll try!

Driving home from work tonight, it was totally pitch dark and raining - exactly how it was when we drove TO work this morning. I feel as if I haven't seen daylight at all today.


Aubrey Harns said...

Great shot Bobs! I hope you enjoy your's to hectic here for me to dream of even signing up for anything...Holidays are always busy.

SuzyB said...

Great idea for the prompt Bob!

Yay, you signed up! My advice to you would be get all your Christmassy stuff in one box that you can drag out when you have time. The prompts are daily but quite often I'd wait and do a few over the weekend, there was no way I could do one every night! Just take it at your own pace, you can always go back and finish it at a later date. I was away last Christmas from 22nd to the 30th so caught up when I got home - Enjoy!

amandamagpie said...

That's a great shot, Bobs. I'm also doing the Journal for the first time this year, I just hope I can complete it. x

maz said...

HEhe it looks like Dougal off the magic roundabout! I must find out about this class you're all talking about...

Hazel said...

Great take on 'rough'

Eleanor said...

I like it. It doesn't stay fresh like that in our house, goes rusty too quickly.
I look forward to seeing your journal progress - mine got to about day 4 the first year, and day 9 or so last year. This time I'm more determined, and I've got Suzy's to copy, lol.

Rachael said...

Great idea for the prompt today. I signed up too but I'm doing mine digi and then getting a blurb book printed later - can't be doing with the mess the other way. x

Chris said...

Great idea for the photo prompt Bobs... would never have dreamt of that!!
I've been toying with the Christmas Journal idea too but don't know whether I will have the staying power to see it through lol.