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Sunday, 30 December 2007

Almost Hogmanay!

Tomorrow is Hogmanay up here in Scotland and we are getting ready to celebrate in true Scottish style!

But before any of that, here are a couple of shots from Christmas Day.

First, my younger daughter Jodie/ I take no credit for this one because she took it herself, with my DSLR. I think she's done a grand job! She's wearing a Santa hat, by the way!

Speaking about the Santa hat ..... my niece's Westie (Maggie) decided that she wanted to wear it too ..............

Doesn't she look cute? :)

Lastly for today, here's a shot I took a couple of days ago, of fallen holly berries in the grass, under my old holly tree. You definitely need to click on this one to enlarge it!

I was playing Wii Winter Sports with Tim yesterday evening and my arms are really sore today! WIth the speed skating, you have to REALLY use your arms and it's sooooo tiring! I was useless at the skiing, not great at the skating, but even though I do say so myself, I kicked ass at the bobleigh, luge etc! Great fun!


SuzyB said...

That does it, Im scrapping the joining a gym idea and getting a Wii instead!

Smashing photos Bobs and Happy Hogmanay!!

Claire said...

Happy Hogmanay Bobs! We bought Sonic and Mario at the Olympics for the kids (Generous Santa bought the Wii) and I'm quite excellent at the long jump and jevelin, but cant swing the hammer or row to save my life! Swimming is hard on the arms too!

have a great New Year Bobs and Tim! Here's to a better 2008!

Rachael said...

Happy New Year Bobs, Beautiful photos, your daughter is very much like you. I might just have to look up that game in a minute - my arms are aching with ten pin bowling on the Wii so not much hope for me I am afraid. x

Chris said...

Just popped by to wish you a belated Happy Hogmonay Bobs...Hope it was a good one and that the New Year brings lots of happiness to you and yours xx