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Saturday, 22 December 2007

Better late than never

Today's word is 'Cute' and what (or who) could be cuter than my youngest grandchild, Saffron Bindi! She had her nursery party today, so Kerry asked if Tim and I wanted to go to see her getting her pressie from Santa, who was rumoured to be in vicinity! I grabbed my camera and this is the result.

Well would you believe it, I actually found time to do a bit of crafting today! In fact, I managed to get some of my Christmas Journal done!! Shock!
After the despair of yesterday, I decided to force myself to have a little 'me' time and I got my covers made and three pages too! No piccies to post as yet though!


Hazel said...

Glad you got some crafting done. Cute shot!

Lorraine said...

Love that pic, Bobs.
Saffron looks gorgeous in her party dress.

Rachael said...

Great shot Saffron is gorgeous. Santa looks a bit red nosed though - too much sherry maybe? Well done on the journal - I'm still only at 5 pages with no cover.

maz said...

Hey Bobs,
firstly, that's an amazing pic. Saffron is gorgeous. Secondly, love your glow. And love the rhyme...I have my own for such occasions; "If I had a sense of humour, it would cut my woes in half- the trouble is, when trouble is, I never want to laugh...." Boom boom.
And thirdly, I am ploughing on doggedly with my Shimelle journal, (about 8 days behind...the words 'Rod' and 'own' and 'back' come to mind)- only because I think if I give up now it'll be a waste of the earlier effort I put in! Der. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Eleanor said...

Oh my that girl is just utterly gorgeous. There's some still waters running deep in her I reckon. Stunning.
I've started my journal at long last too. Keeping it simple is the answer for me.

SuzyB said...

Such a pretty girl! Well done on your journal too, I was supposed to be playing catch up today but I forgot I had all the blummin presents to wrap whilst the kids are out of the house.

Oh well, there's always next week!

Hazel said...

Just stopped by to wish you a very Happy Christmas

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Bobs :-)

Great shot :-) Such a pretty name and she has a smile to match.

Hope that you had a super Christmas Day with all your family :-)