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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Ring of confidence

All day at work, I ws trying to think of what I could do for 'Tube', which is today's word over on HSMS. Then I came home and saw this lying on the draining board, where I left it this morning when I got up! Perfect! lol

I think I've always used Colgate - apart from maybe a couple of tubes of Aquafresh in the deep and distant past. I just like Colgate .... as you can see, even my brush is a Colgate one! lol

Tim cooked the most deliciously creamy chicken tikka masala with rice tonight. All from scratch. Nothing tinned, packeted or bottled. It was just divine. I didn't take any shots of it, because he has started his own foodie-themed blog (here) and I think he is putting a pic of it on there sometime. I'm so full now, I feel I could burst!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Playing Catch-up again!

I've been so tired these past couple of days that I haven't even had the energy to come upstairs and on to my computer. I've managed to leave a comment for some of my fellow HSMS-ers, but not all, so I'm sorry to those who have been missed. I will try harder in future!

Ok, so the word today is 'wrinkle' and I thought I'd just bite the bullet and scare you all with mine! Brave or stupid? I'd put my money on the latter! lol

Yesterday's word was 'ring' so I decided on these two....

They both belonged to my granny - in fact, the one on the left was her wedding ring. They are mine now and I wear them both on the same finger.

Until Sunday, I never took them off, but I was painting our family room at the weekend and I was developing a blister right below them, with using the roller. I took them off and now I can't get them back on again! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Finally for today, is my SOS shot. I was playing about with a long exposure on the camera - and a small Maglite. This is the result. Not spectacular, but I'm pretty pleased with it! Doesn't take much to please me, does it? lol

That's all for now, folks. Hope to have normal service resumed very soon!

Saturday, 19 January 2008


It's that day again already. Where do they weeks go? The SP Saturdays seem to come around soooo quickly!

Anyway, here's mine for this week. I took this one early this morning. Can you see the dread in my face?

It's because I knew I was about to start repainting the family room and I knew it wouldn't be easy because the walls were so stained.

And I was right. The roof already has one coat on, but needs another and the cornice has just been given its second coat.

Note to self: "Next time you think about decorating .... get a painter in to do it".

I'm having a quick break while Tim watches Primeval, then it's back to it again. :(

Friday, 18 January 2008

The angle of the dangle

"The angle of the dangle is inversely proportional to the heat of the beat." Wise words from those founts of knowledge, Messrs Beavis and Butthead! Of course, being one of life's innocents, I have no idea what they are talking about!

If you hadn't already guessed, today's word over on HSMS is 'Dangle'. Another of those words that make me laugh without really knowing why. lol

So here is my dangly shot.

It's a cute wall clock that Tim and I got from one of his sisters a couple of years ago. The mouse is a pendulum that dangles from the bottom of the clock. It's on the wall here in my craft room and I love it.

I haven't been able to shake off the sleepiness today. Don't know why. Even now I can hardly keep my eyes open. It will be an early night for me, I think.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Numbers ......

...... leave me cold, so for me , they are aptly named ..... NUMB-ers.

If there is such a thing as number dyslexia, I'm sure I suffer from a mild form. I'm all right with one or two at a time, but when confronted by columns of them, I panic and they all jumble up in front of my eyes. I could never be an accountant!

These numbers are very handy though -

Where would we crafters be without our cutting mats. Whether you use the numbers on it or not, it is still a necessity. Unless of course you don't mind a deeply scratched table, with gouges in it and all manner of stuff sticking to it! And you can clean a cutting mat with Stazon cleaner. I wouldn't fancy trying that on my lovely old Ercol dining table!

Work was particulary hectic today, or especially this morning. Myself and our personnel lady, were trying to work out a crew change schedule for our guys on the rig in Mexico. Sounds easy, but it really, REALLY isn't. We were very pleased with ourselves though because apparently, it usually takes a few days to get right, but we managed in one morning. The fact that you could see steam rising from the top of my head, caused by brain overuse, is neither here nor there!

Tim cooked huge salmon fillets tonight, with asparagus, cherry tomatoes and white sauce. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Indulge .....

...... is the word on HSMS today, but more about that in a second.

Firstly, Tim cooked me this wonderful curried chicken again. I wrote about it last week I think, but I couldn't taste it then - AND I forgot to take a photograph of it. Well, I remembered this time ......

The rice is basmati, to which he added saffron (for the colour), peas and raisins. The chicken is done in the oven (after sprinkling with curry powder) along with the red onions which are cut into thin strips. The black bowl is filled with a yummy dip of natural yoghurt, into which he mixed some freshly chopped coriander and mint.

Please note the glass of wine by MY plate! :)

So, on to Indulge.

I indulged myself by having this gorgeous Tarte Aux Fruit (Tesco's Finest range) for afters.

I love fruit. I take a bowl of prepared fresh fruit to work with me every day to have at lunch time. It's usually a mixture of melons, but they have been awfully hard recently, so I tried mango, pineapple and blueberries today and they were lovely.

Tim managed to get the paint bought today, for decorating the family room. Just have to get a roller and tray and some rolls of masking tape. I'm good at decorating, but not very good at 'cutting in', so I have to stick masking tape to cover the edges of places like the cornice and the light switches.

To answer Eleanor's question ..... no, I won't be making my own curtains. Although I can sew costumes etc, I've never tried my hand at curtain-making before. And I probably wouldn't really have the time, even if I had the inclination! lol

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Away and Stuff

I'm feeling crappy today because I had an awful night suffering from acid reflux. Yuck, yuck and thrice yuck. It's happening more and more often again, so I think a trip back to the doctor is called for very soon, to see if there is anything else I can take besides Omeprazole - or at least see if I can up the dose. Wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to work, but here I am at 7.00am, already having been up since 4.30am as normal, and I'm like a zombie. The body is here, but the brain is AWOL.

Nothing new there, then!

The word for today, over on HSMS, is 'Away', so here's a peek at mine from the last time we used this word!

We got a new TV yesterday - 37" plasma thingie. And a new fire too. Tim and I decided that the old family room definitely needed a revamp, so he moved all the old units out and the new stuff in! We went to Tesco last night after I got home and we chose some paint samplers for the walls. I think we have decided on Dulux Apricot, with nice fresh white for the ceiling. Hopefully, I'll get the whole room painted this weekend. Of course that calls for new curtains too. And new storage units for the DVDs and the CDs. It'll all look pretty spiffy when it's all done, even though I do say so myself!

I have some crafting to do as well ...... an altered Smartie tube, altered beer mats, some ATCs ........

When will I be able to fit it all in???

Monday, 14 January 2008

Headbanger's Ball

Yup, I'm a rock chick through and through .......... as a glimpse at a small part of my CD collection will show! lol

It's going to be another short post today, I'm afraid. I'm trying to get a slide show of my Christmas Journal, but I think I'm too tired because I keep failing. I shall try again and if I can't get it tonight, I''ll try again on the morrow.

I will also try to comment on everyone's pics tomorrow too.

It will be my epitaph ........... "So much to do, so little time."

Edited to add ...... YAY! I did it! :)

Sunday, 13 January 2008


No time for a proper blog just now.

I'm cooking our second Christmas dinner in honour of my darling son-in-law, Simon, who was away on the rigs at Christmas.

Here's my SPS ...... my footprints sinking into the frosty grass yesterday morning!

And my SOS for today, is yet more mushrooms, this time covered with frost. Very pretty!


Yes, I know I've broken all the rules with this shot ...... taken against the light etc etc. But I like it! lol

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

I'm ill :(

Short post from me just now, because I've been sick and I'm off work and I feel like bleuuuuchhh.

So the word is Bling. Here's a gorgeous piece that Tim made for me a while back.

That's all, folks!

Monday, 7 January 2008

Mountains and Valleys

Those are the folds that you have to master before you can do Origami. Well, I don't know about mastering them, but I learned enough to make this wee box (1.5 x 1.5 inches), as well as quite a few others in various sizes. The word today over on HSMS, is 'Fold' and this is my take.

I think I was so pleased with myself that I had actually MADE one successfully, that I kinda became obsessed with them for a while! lol They are sitting in a pile, largest to smallest, on top of my doll's house.

Despite all that activity, I have forgotten how to do them now!

One of my fellow HSMS-ers, Shannon, has been trying to learn British slang. Today, her word was 'Biccy', for a biscuit. I confused her by commenting that in my corner of Scotland, we call biscuits 'pieces'. English - even with a Scottish accent - is not our native tongue.

Nor is Gaelic.

We speak a strange dialect called Buchan Doric. I thought I'd provide a short list, just to show how odd our language is.

Quine or quinie = girl
Loon or loonie = boy (this truly isn't a derogatory term in the least).
Sheen = shoes
Fit like? = How are you?
Dubs = mud
Anna ken or ahdah ken = I don't know
Faa = who
Orra = untidy, dirty
Sotter = mess
Affa = awful

I could go on and on! lol

I got home from work to find that Tim had cooked a lovely, low-fat meal for us. Chicken breasts, sprinkled with mild curry powder, done in the oven, with thinly sliced red onion. This was accompanied by basmati rice to which he added raisins, peas and saffron then cooked it along with a cinnamon stick. As a dip/sauce, he used natural yoghurt with freshly chopped mint and coriander. It all looked utterly delicious!

I would have taken a pic, but I'm afraid it was all wolfed down before I remembered! The bad news was, I have absolutely no idea if it was good, bad or indifferent because I have lost my sense of taste completely, along with my sense of smell. It's this blocked nose. It's really doing my head in - especially when my beloved goes to so much trouble to cook wonderful meals that I cannot even taste.
Good thing I have an appointment with the doc on Friday, to see if can do anything about it.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

So when you're near me .....

...... darling, can you hear me? SOS. Yay for Abba! Their SOS doesn't mean the same as our SOS, but I couldn't think of anything else to call today's post!

Anyway, sorry it's late, but here's my SOS for today. Yep, it's more mushrooms growing in my garden. I admit, I'm fascinated by them and I soooooo want a Macro lens so that I can take ultra-close up shots of them. But in the meantime, this is the best I can get.

If there are any more LOST fans out there, take a mosey on over to YouTube, where you can see some Season 4 Trailers! Oooooooooooh!!

Just a shortie from me today. Too much to do, not enough time to give any one thing justice. Hey ho.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Oh no ......

....... with the New Year, comes the return of the dreaded SPS! Yikes and gadzooks! I was kinda hoping that Anita and Kirsty would have forgotten about it and come up with something alternative, but no such luck! lol

So as my way of saying, "See if I care!", here's a double helping of me. Me now and me then, on 8th July 2000. I know which version I prefer! :)

So I had a bloody spammer commenting yesterday. Is there any way I can delete it? If it happens again, I suppose I'll have to moderate comments first, or put in those letter verification thingies. I really hope to avoid all that, mainly because I'm a lazy sod and can't be arsed with it all!

I've been snapping away for the Winter Photo Challenge. I've only taken about 10 so far, but it's fun! You can see them on my other blog if you want. You can even join in and have fun while learning to take pics too! :)

Friday, 4 January 2008

I love the smell of NOA in the morning

I'm guessing that it smells better than napalm ..... not that I've ever smelled napalm, you understand. NOA is my most favourite daytime perfume. It's light and floral without being tooooo girly. I wore it on my wedding day when Tim and I got married. My daughters were my bridesmaids and they wore it too so that we wouldn't clash!

I love the bottle too, with the little pearl inside. As you can see, this one is nearly empty, so it's a good thing that I got another bottle from one of Tim's sisters for my Christmas present!

Not a lot really happened today. I woke up, drove for an hour to get to work, worked all day, drove for another hour to get home, had a Chinese takeaway for supper and watched a few episodes of Lost on DVD.


I've seen it on TV, but Tim never watched it, so we got the whole 3 series' so far and we've only got a couple more discs to watch and he'll be all caught up, ready for the new series that starts very soon. Ooooooooooh!!!!

It's been cold, wet and windy almost all day today and it never really managed to be daylight. Never mind, the shortest day is long past, so the days will be stretching out again! Yippee!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

HS:MS is back!

Wahey!! Her Space:My Space is back after the winter break and I think all of us players are fired up and ready to go again!

The first word for 2008 is 'White'. I was hoping it would snow today so that I could take a shot of the white stuff when I got home from work, but sadly, it didn't. I hadn't a clue what to take a shot of, then I had a brainwave ..... loo paper! Makes life a lot more comfortable and saves having to grow dock leaves in the garden!

I'm now back at work and the Christmas celebrations seem a long time ago now. However, our tree is still up, along with all the decorations. We'll probably take them down tomorrow evening after I get home.

Speaking about Christmas ....... somehow I have managed to get my Christmas Journal up to 24th December so far!! Having actually reached this far, I am determined to get it finished. It hasn't been a chore .... in fact I've really loved doing it ...... it's just that I could really do with more time! I hate how work gets in the way of crafting. Grrrrrrrr.

As a finale for today, here are a couple of shots I took on Christmas Day, of Aaliyah (on the left) and Kali - taken only a few seconds apart!!

Lovely!! :)