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Thursday, 3 January 2008

HS:MS is back!

Wahey!! Her Space:My Space is back after the winter break and I think all of us players are fired up and ready to go again!

The first word for 2008 is 'White'. I was hoping it would snow today so that I could take a shot of the white stuff when I got home from work, but sadly, it didn't. I hadn't a clue what to take a shot of, then I had a brainwave ..... loo paper! Makes life a lot more comfortable and saves having to grow dock leaves in the garden!

I'm now back at work and the Christmas celebrations seem a long time ago now. However, our tree is still up, along with all the decorations. We'll probably take them down tomorrow evening after I get home.

Speaking about Christmas ....... somehow I have managed to get my Christmas Journal up to 24th December so far!! Having actually reached this far, I am determined to get it finished. It hasn't been a chore .... in fact I've really loved doing it ...... it's just that I could really do with more time! I hate how work gets in the way of crafting. Grrrrrrrr.

As a finale for today, here are a couple of shots I took on Christmas Day, of Aaliyah (on the left) and Kali - taken only a few seconds apart!!

Lovely!! :)


Jenga said...

LOVE that second pic of the girls :D

Great to be back isn't it?? :)

Shannon said...

Got to love the TP! Squeeze the charmin! Nice shot!

Aubrey Harns said...

You're so funny Bobs - you killed me with the toilet paper!

SuzyB said...

LOL at toilet paper, great idea!

Im sooo impressed youve got to 24 with your journal, Im still stuck on 14! Is it beautiful?

Brill photos of the girls too :o) x

Sue Nicholson said...

LOL at the photos of the girlz :-D Little angels and little devils!

Oooo nice toilet roll :-) Clever take too! Do they still do Izal . . . what was that all about . . . not even good as tracing paper.

It's great to be back isn't it? We are such a smashing family :-)


Louise said...

I did consider taking a piccie of the toilet roll... let's face it, toilet roll should only ever be white!!!
Great pics of the girls

Kerry said...

Hi Bobs,

Thanks for welcoming a "newby" into the fold - HM:MS looks like a cool place to hang out :)

I love your loo-roll shot and wish I'd thought of it .... the scratch 'n' shine variety at work wouldn't really have been good enough though ....


Jen said...

great pics!

i almost picked up the loo roll too lol, good choice!

Jolanda said...

Love the "white"-picture. Great thinking.

Rachael said...

Love the girly shots Bobs they are gorgeous I just hope the wind didn't change while you were taking the 2nd one! Well done with the journal I'm still only on page 5 :(

Rach said...

Great TP pic!

Fab pics of the girls x

Chris said...

Nearly fell off the chair laughing when I saw the toilet roll Bobs :D great idea!!!
Awww love the photos of the girls bet they can be a right handful lol full of mischief :D