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Friday, 4 January 2008

I love the smell of NOA in the morning

I'm guessing that it smells better than napalm ..... not that I've ever smelled napalm, you understand. NOA is my most favourite daytime perfume. It's light and floral without being tooooo girly. I wore it on my wedding day when Tim and I got married. My daughters were my bridesmaids and they wore it too so that we wouldn't clash!

I love the bottle too, with the little pearl inside. As you can see, this one is nearly empty, so it's a good thing that I got another bottle from one of Tim's sisters for my Christmas present!

Not a lot really happened today. I woke up, drove for an hour to get to work, worked all day, drove for another hour to get home, had a Chinese takeaway for supper and watched a few episodes of Lost on DVD.


I've seen it on TV, but Tim never watched it, so we got the whole 3 series' so far and we've only got a couple more discs to watch and he'll be all caught up, ready for the new series that starts very soon. Ooooooooooh!!!!

It's been cold, wet and windy almost all day today and it never really managed to be daylight. Never mind, the shortest day is long past, so the days will be stretching out again! Yippee!


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SuzyB said...

Blummin spammy commentors! What does that say anything??

Gorgeous bottle, do you smash it at the end and get the thingybobby out?

Oh is Lost starting again soon???