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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Indulge .....

...... is the word on HSMS today, but more about that in a second.

Firstly, Tim cooked me this wonderful curried chicken again. I wrote about it last week I think, but I couldn't taste it then - AND I forgot to take a photograph of it. Well, I remembered this time ......

The rice is basmati, to which he added saffron (for the colour), peas and raisins. The chicken is done in the oven (after sprinkling with curry powder) along with the red onions which are cut into thin strips. The black bowl is filled with a yummy dip of natural yoghurt, into which he mixed some freshly chopped coriander and mint.

Please note the glass of wine by MY plate! :)

So, on to Indulge.

I indulged myself by having this gorgeous Tarte Aux Fruit (Tesco's Finest range) for afters.

I love fruit. I take a bowl of prepared fresh fruit to work with me every day to have at lunch time. It's usually a mixture of melons, but they have been awfully hard recently, so I tried mango, pineapple and blueberries today and they were lovely.

Tim managed to get the paint bought today, for decorating the family room. Just have to get a roller and tray and some rolls of masking tape. I'm good at decorating, but not very good at 'cutting in', so I have to stick masking tape to cover the edges of places like the cornice and the light switches.

To answer Eleanor's question ..... no, I won't be making my own curtains. Although I can sew costumes etc, I've never tried my hand at curtain-making before. And I probably wouldn't really have the time, even if I had the inclination! lol


Aubrey Harns said...

Great shots today Bobs! And what a nice guy to cook for you!

Sue Nicholson said...

Hiya Bobs :-)

Had the ICBA itis BUT back now and going to catch up with your posts :-)

Will got to the oldest first then work back to this one :-)

Scrolling down . . . Sue

Rachael said...

Well that's my tea for Friday sorted out now all I need to know is how long he cooked it in the oven for at what temp - pretty please. I just love blueberries and pineapple but I can't eat too much of the latter as it makes my tongue sore - not quite sure what that's about!! Lol

Sue Nicholson said...

Now I am back :-) Great catch up and wondered how long before the man himself appeared :-)

Great meal :-)Does Tim not "indulge" in a glass or two then ;-)

Lovely tart . . . calories yes but vitamins and fibre too :-)

I LOVE fruit . . . blueberries are divine . . . I only tried them recently.

Right now off to see Eleanor :-)

Bye for now . . . Sue

Darcy said...

Lovely tart and the meal looks very yummy too.

I don't envy the decorating, we are mid renovation and have been all last year, will take us all this year too I think LOL

Eleanor said...

It looks as delicious as I imagined. I've always liked peas in the rice, and I am sure I will like raisins too, so i shall try that. I could live on fruit. I think. ALthough I might miss a bacon and brie baguette, lol.

etteY said...

Goodness you're one lucky fella for having a husband like Tim! and that fruit dessert...HEAVEN!!! LOL!

Karen said...

Dinner looks like an indulgence as well. Yum!

angie said...

I am feeling very hungry after reading your blog! lol...that Tarte looks just fab...maybe I *need* to go to Tescos today... :o)

Andrew said...

Smashing food going on there - I wish I could be as disciplined by taking fruit into work but I'm a bit of a lardy I'm afraid!

Louise Woolford. said...

Ooooh that looks sooo nice both the curried chicken and fruit tarte great photo