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Monday, 7 January 2008

Mountains and Valleys

Those are the folds that you have to master before you can do Origami. Well, I don't know about mastering them, but I learned enough to make this wee box (1.5 x 1.5 inches), as well as quite a few others in various sizes. The word today over on HSMS, is 'Fold' and this is my take.

I think I was so pleased with myself that I had actually MADE one successfully, that I kinda became obsessed with them for a while! lol They are sitting in a pile, largest to smallest, on top of my doll's house.

Despite all that activity, I have forgotten how to do them now!

One of my fellow HSMS-ers, Shannon, has been trying to learn British slang. Today, her word was 'Biccy', for a biscuit. I confused her by commenting that in my corner of Scotland, we call biscuits 'pieces'. English - even with a Scottish accent - is not our native tongue.

Nor is Gaelic.

We speak a strange dialect called Buchan Doric. I thought I'd provide a short list, just to show how odd our language is.

Quine or quinie = girl
Loon or loonie = boy (this truly isn't a derogatory term in the least).
Sheen = shoes
Fit like? = How are you?
Dubs = mud
Anna ken or ahdah ken = I don't know
Faa = who
Orra = untidy, dirty
Sotter = mess
Affa = awful

I could go on and on! lol

I got home from work to find that Tim had cooked a lovely, low-fat meal for us. Chicken breasts, sprinkled with mild curry powder, done in the oven, with thinly sliced red onion. This was accompanied by basmati rice to which he added raisins, peas and saffron then cooked it along with a cinnamon stick. As a dip/sauce, he used natural yoghurt with freshly chopped mint and coriander. It all looked utterly delicious!

I would have taken a pic, but I'm afraid it was all wolfed down before I remembered! The bad news was, I have absolutely no idea if it was good, bad or indifferent because I have lost my sense of taste completely, along with my sense of smell. It's this blocked nose. It's really doing my head in - especially when my beloved goes to so much trouble to cook wonderful meals that I cannot even taste.
Good thing I have an appointment with the doc on Friday, to see if can do anything about it.


Jenga said...

Ah Denny Ken whit yiz an aboot hen!! Is kind of how my dad would say "I have no idea of what you are refering to dear" in his native Glaswegian accent LOL

Rachael said...

Loonie just about describes my boys to a tee! Lol Great little box you must have a great deal of patience. As for having your own Nigel Lawson in the kitchen I am soooo jealous I would love someone to cook for me like that. x

maz said...

Mmmm the chicken sounds great. And healthy too. Extra brownie points. Hope your taste buds return soon.
The box is dead clever and I love the mushrooms! (Missed you yesterday...)

Jen said...

wow, fancy folds! so clever, i can see why you made loads

sharon said...

I can totally appreciate your little folded box as a woman once spent an hour teaching me to fold a box..and yes I thought I had mastered it until I came home and couldn't remember a blummin thing, they are quite tricky but that's a lovely example.x

Eleanor said...

Crikey for something so small, those folds are amazing.
No taste, but what textures there were. Sounds fantastic.
Just the dip would do me right now, with some 'pieces'.
Hmmm, I think affa sotter would be words I'd be using every darn day round here.

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shots & cool box!

Bambi said...

love your fold (^_^)

Shannon said...

OH bobs! Thanks for your input. I love learning new languages...... even if they are english. I failed english once in high school. I asked if I took it again if it would count as a foriegn language credit. they said no. But I do love you input. Printing it off! I have a tea towel that has the Welsh language on it, since hubby is welsh. Ok later gator!

SuzyB said...

Amazing box Bobs, looks very complicated x