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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Playing Catch-up again!

I've been so tired these past couple of days that I haven't even had the energy to come upstairs and on to my computer. I've managed to leave a comment for some of my fellow HSMS-ers, but not all, so I'm sorry to those who have been missed. I will try harder in future!

Ok, so the word today is 'wrinkle' and I thought I'd just bite the bullet and scare you all with mine! Brave or stupid? I'd put my money on the latter! lol

Yesterday's word was 'ring' so I decided on these two....

They both belonged to my granny - in fact, the one on the left was her wedding ring. They are mine now and I wear them both on the same finger.

Until Sunday, I never took them off, but I was painting our family room at the weekend and I was developing a blister right below them, with using the roller. I took them off and now I can't get them back on again! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Finally for today, is my SOS shot. I was playing about with a long exposure on the camera - and a small Maglite. This is the result. Not spectacular, but I'm pretty pleased with it! Doesn't take much to please me, does it? lol

That's all for now, folks. Hope to have normal service resumed very soon!


Jenga said...

Lovely photos - all of them :D

Have you tried covering your finger with butter and slipping the rings back on? Works to get stck rings OFF!

Rachael said...

What wrinkles I don't see any wrinkles only laughter lines. Like your special rings too very beautiful. Great effect with the SOS I can see why you are pleased wtih it. Hope the decorating is going well and that you will soon be finished.

Sarah said...

Great photos. I love playing with long exposures too, in fact last night I was trying to show Mollie how to make a picture like that but we couldn't find a torch that worked!

Deanne said...

hi bobs
we're decorating too, well thats finished but we've got bare rooms ready for carpets tmz!!!
its very cramped in our bedroom to say the least!!! lol
love all your photos esp the sos. x

etteY said...

oh lovely laugh lines! great catch up pics! i so love your SOS pic! :D

pokettiger said...

Your SOS is soooo cool! Love that. Wonderful ring shot. Hey I showed off my eye wrinkles too. A nicer way to describe them is to say they are laugh lines from all the laughing you do.