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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Away and Stuff

I'm feeling crappy today because I had an awful night suffering from acid reflux. Yuck, yuck and thrice yuck. It's happening more and more often again, so I think a trip back to the doctor is called for very soon, to see if there is anything else I can take besides Omeprazole - or at least see if I can up the dose. Wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to work, but here I am at 7.00am, already having been up since 4.30am as normal, and I'm like a zombie. The body is here, but the brain is AWOL.

Nothing new there, then!

The word for today, over on HSMS, is 'Away', so here's a peek at mine from the last time we used this word!

We got a new TV yesterday - 37" plasma thingie. And a new fire too. Tim and I decided that the old family room definitely needed a revamp, so he moved all the old units out and the new stuff in! We went to Tesco last night after I got home and we chose some paint samplers for the walls. I think we have decided on Dulux Apricot, with nice fresh white for the ceiling. Hopefully, I'll get the whole room painted this weekend. Of course that calls for new curtains too. And new storage units for the DVDs and the CDs. It'll all look pretty spiffy when it's all done, even though I do say so myself!

I have some crafting to do as well ...... an altered Smartie tube, altered beer mats, some ATCs ........

When will I be able to fit it all in???


Eleanor said...

Sorry you're troubled with the reflux still. Horrid.
Will you be making the curtains? I'm making curtains, and I can tell you, when we sell this house, there's no way I'm leaving them behind. Apricot sounds delicious, I mean delightful.
I keep meaning to write on Canny about the CJs, but haven't but I do want you to know how I appreciated and enjoyed your pages, especially your fabulous little drawings. A lot of work, and I love it. It's exactly how I hoped my theme would be interpreted.

etteY said...

awww Bobs sorry to hear you're feelin crappy! I wish you well though!

WOWOW on your 37" plasma TV! i bet its gorgeous!

take care :-x

Rachael said...

Hope your feeling less crappy today. I cheated like you and I didn't have a good excuse for it like you.
Take care hun

Di said...

Oh gosh, hope you're feeling better now re: reflux. Not pleasant. And congrats on the new tv and fire... love getting new stuff.. yay!

Shannon said...

Oh Bobs, my couch has room for the two of us. and I have big fluffy pillows to share. The fleece blankets is the best as it keeps you warm. I have a extra pait of socks like I sent Sue for can have.

Chris said...

Awwww sorry you've been feeling rotten.. doesn't help when your sleep is disturbed!!
Can't wait to see your altered stuff so hope you feel better soon :D

Jenga said...

Feel better soon :(

L-O-V-E your cd collection by the way!!! Several of my all time favs in their :)

Sue Nicholson said...

Ian gets that :-( Ruddy awful. He takes lots of Gaviscon High something or other tablets. They wrok quite well. He won't go to the Drs . . . men!

Can you believe that we used to be able to get up and feed our babies in the night etc then still work? Where's all the energy gone? Bloody aging is crap . . . mmmm swearing on your blog :-( Feel free to reject my post :-)

Your room sounds fabulous . . . Love the Smartie tube . . . sounds such fun :-)