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Friday, 30 May 2008

Like a jewel in the sun

More Barcelona photographs today. This is mainly for Irene (big sis) to get to see them. Sorry for taking so long, Irene! xxx

Looking up at part of a decorated ceiling at La Sagrada Familia:

On the spiral staircase inside one of the turrets:

On a small balcony, very high up one of the turrets. A lovely Japanese girl very kindly took this shot of both of us. We look a lot happier than we really were, because we were REALLY high up!

It might look like an ammonite, but in reality, it's the spiral staircase inside the turret!

You can just about spot Tim in this one, taken at the Nativity Facade ....

Finally, moving away from La Sagrada Familia, here is Barcelona's Arc de Triomphe:

Tim, in one of the major parks, which houses a Zoological museum, a Geological museum (which delighted him, being the geologist that he is), Parliament buildings, the gorgeous fountains in the background of this shot and a zoo, which we never had time to visit.

As always, click on any pic for a bigger view.

More next time, folks!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Such a beautiful horizon

Barcelona, of course. Sung by the brilliant and immortal, Freddie Mercury.

It cannot really be a whole week since we flew there. Can it? On the way, somewhere over France, we saw this:

I have no idea what it was, but I thought it was very pretty!

The hotel was managed by real spoilsports ....

But we didn't let that spoil our weekend! Lol

We visited the Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family) Temple - Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece - and it is truly one of the most wonderful sights I have ever seen. Nothing can prepare you for the sheer size and, of course, the breathtaking beauty of it.
We approached the Passion Facade first....

The carvings are stunningly futuristic on this facade.

At the other side, is the Nativity Facade - an altogether more traditional design, but no more, yet no less, stunning ......

I adore this face:

Too tired to upload any more tonight. Hope to get more done on the morrow.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Travellin' Light

Oh yes, folks ..... Tim and I are leaving for sunny Barcelona this very evening. I'm at work just now, but Tim is coming to pick me up around 2.00pm-ish and then we are going straight to the airport. Check in-opens at 3.00pm and the flight is at 5.00pm.

We got our packing done last night and have managed to cram everything into one small case. I don't bother with stuff like make-up etc. People are there to see the sights, not to look at me! lol So, just basically undies, t-shirts, cut-offs, meds, hairbrush, deodorant and toothbrush and I'm good to go. :)

I'm hoping to have loads of photographs to bore you with when we get home!

Be good, peeps!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

I doesn't seem possible ......

...... that Saffron is 5 years old already! My youngest grandchild is now 5 and going off to school after the summer holidays.

More about Saffron in a moment - but first, another quickie catch-up with the words on HS:MS (kindly supplied by SuzyB and Louise, in the temporary absence of Anita and Kirsty).

Here she is being all coy and Bashful. Lol

And here is Aaliyah giving a very convincing imitation of being Grumpy! I think she should be an actress, because in truth, she was having a great time in Frankie & Benny's today and I just asked her to put on her best grumpy face!

So, back to Saffron. Tim and I went to Aberdeen with Kerry and the four grandchildren today. We went to the cinema first of all, to see Bee Movie. Such a funny film! I thoroughly enjoyed it! After that, we went to play a round of the new indoor crazy golf course, all done up to look like the jungle. The kids loved it almost as much as us adults! lol

I haven't had time to edit these shots, so please excuse the lack of cropping!

Kerry helped Saffron with some of the trickier parts.

Kali having fun! lol

Tim with Cameron and Aaliyah

After the golf, we had lunch at Frankie & Benny's. Yummy!

Then we came home so that Saffron could blow the candles out on her birthday cake ....

..... and then we could get down to the serious business of eating it! Yay!

We all had a fabby day, but I didn't feel too well after eating more than I've eaten in along time. I think I probably won't lose much this week then. Oh well.


Thursday, 15 May 2008

Two LO's, and ATC and a Dome

I found this dome in my town at the weekend. It's not very big, but as you can see, it makes a handy perch for a seagull! :)

I like the carvings on top of the pillars. Sadly, they are sandstone and they are very badly eroded. I wish I knew what they signified - or if they are purely decorative.

I have made a couple of LO's for the fist time in ages. I'm really trying to be more relaxed in my attitude to scrapping and to try not to analyse my pages too much before sticking things down. To give you some idea ...... I made one of these LO's last night and the other one tonight. NORMALLY, I take days and days before I can actually bring myself to commit to anything, but now I've decided enough is enough. If I keep on going like I did before, I'd be dead and gone before I actually finished an album.

So here they are ..... my quickie pages!

I'm really not convinced that I like either of them.

Finally for today, here's an ATC I made for a swap:

That's all for today, folks.

Toodle pip.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Just a quick post this evening, by way of a very short catch-up.

Plenty of lines to be seen in this shot of the prom at Fraserburgh beach. It's a bit deceiving because the zoom lens has really foreshortened this scene.

This is the oldest church in my town ....

At the top of the steeple, is this device:

It's a fish weather vane with an electricity conductor!

What's all this about Barcelona? Well, Tim is whisking me off there for three nights starting next Thursday!! We haven't been away together for around 5 years, so I think we deserve it.

I cannot wait!!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Unexpected visitor

On Thursday morning, when I got into BIL's car, he pointed down to the bottom of his field, where I saw this ......

It happened just about half an hour previously, when the driver was startled by a deer jumping onto the road in front of him. He swerved to avoid it (unsuccessfully) and landed up down in the field. The poor deer didn't survive, but incredibly, the driver was fine. I took this shot after we got back home from work and an hour later, a crane was there, hoisting it out. Totally written-off.

Another unexpected visitor is this wee beauty .....

It's a crap shot that looks slightly un-real, but I couldn't get any closer, even with my telephoto lens on. The light was rubbish, so I photoshopped it to within an inch of its life, just so you can actually see it is, in fact, a swallow! I love it that they come back year after year, to nest inside the roof of our old steadings. We definitely have at least one pair. I shall keep trying to get a better picture because, let's face it, there could hardly be a worse one! lol
By the way, the swallow was unexpected because we never saw any fledglings last year and we assumed that the nests had been invaded, so to say we are thrilled to see them this year is an understatement!

As usual when I'm out taking photographs in the garden, I am trailed by my little band of followers, namely .....

Elvis (my 11 year old grumpy boy),

Merry (my flighty baby girl)

and Star (my fragile, but still beautiful, 18 year old grande dame)....

I'm using these as my SPS for Saturday!

Kerry and I went to a crop yesterday. We couldn't stay long, but we managed to do a class where we made a handbag album (photograph later). It's Kerry's 30th birthday tomorrow (12th May), so the girls at the crop bought her a cake. She was thrilled!

In fact, you can just about make out the handbag albums at the bottom right of this shot!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Be There, or be Square

Was that the catchphrase for the 6-5 Special, or something? Being a mere stripling, I can't remember that far back! *cough, splutter*

Square is the word today, over on HSMS and here are mine. Terrible shot, taken with my phone, but they ARE squares. or as good as!

Tim and I went to a few garden centres, B&Q and Argos over the weekend, to try to get outdoor wind chimes. I have wind chimes on my son's grave and the present ones are getting old and rusty and they just look uncared for. So I need new ones.

Two sets - not too small but definitely not too long - nor overly decorated. Just plain chimes or bells. Or chimes AND bells. I said I wanted two sets.

With either wires or chains. Threads don't last too well outdoors.

Not too much to ask, is it?

Well, yes actually.

I can't seem to find any that aren't held together with thread, string or twine.

So that got me sad, right there.

To cheer ourselves up, we decided to try to get new patio furniture - wooden ones this time. Found a gorgeous set on offer in Argos, with a lovely long table and 8 chairs, complete with canopy too. Ooooh yes, said I. Let's get a trampoline that we can have in our garden for when the kids come over as well, seeing as it's on offer too.

Wrote out our order and toddled over to the checkout. Trampoline and safety nets - out of stock. Would we like to wait and they may be back in, in a couple of months. Erm, no thanks.

Table and chairs - out of stock. Not sure when, or if, they will be back in.

So we left empty-handed.

What a depressing weekend.

At least the weather was nice ............ ish.