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Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Just a quick post this evening, by way of a very short catch-up.

Plenty of lines to be seen in this shot of the prom at Fraserburgh beach. It's a bit deceiving because the zoom lens has really foreshortened this scene.

This is the oldest church in my town ....

At the top of the steeple, is this device:

It's a fish weather vane with an electricity conductor!

What's all this about Barcelona? Well, Tim is whisking me off there for three nights starting next Thursday!! We haven't been away together for around 5 years, so I think we deserve it.

I cannot wait!!


SuzyB said...

I especially like the lines shot, brilliant!

How romantic to be going to Barcelona, you'll have a fantastic time x

Eleanor said...

Oh you 2 do most certainly deserve it. Howvery wonderful. Barcelona is on my list for when R is a bit older, and we do our grand tour(after winning the lotto of course).I look forward to some special photos of a wonderful place (my parents honeymooned in Barcelona in 1955, so perfect romantic choice IMO too).
Oh and your kittsies the other day, we loved them all. Star is Deb's age, that's incredible.