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Saturday, 17 May 2008

I doesn't seem possible ......

...... that Saffron is 5 years old already! My youngest grandchild is now 5 and going off to school after the summer holidays.

More about Saffron in a moment - but first, another quickie catch-up with the words on HS:MS (kindly supplied by SuzyB and Louise, in the temporary absence of Anita and Kirsty).

Here she is being all coy and Bashful. Lol

And here is Aaliyah giving a very convincing imitation of being Grumpy! I think she should be an actress, because in truth, she was having a great time in Frankie & Benny's today and I just asked her to put on her best grumpy face!

So, back to Saffron. Tim and I went to Aberdeen with Kerry and the four grandchildren today. We went to the cinema first of all, to see Bee Movie. Such a funny film! I thoroughly enjoyed it! After that, we went to play a round of the new indoor crazy golf course, all done up to look like the jungle. The kids loved it almost as much as us adults! lol

I haven't had time to edit these shots, so please excuse the lack of cropping!

Kerry helped Saffron with some of the trickier parts.

Kali having fun! lol

Tim with Cameron and Aaliyah

After the golf, we had lunch at Frankie & Benny's. Yummy!

Then we came home so that Saffron could blow the candles out on her birthday cake ....

..... and then we could get down to the serious business of eating it! Yay!

We all had a fabby day, but I didn't feel too well after eating more than I've eaten in along time. I think I probably won't lose much this week then. Oh well.



Louise said...

Looks like you had a great day and managed the prompts - Fab!

Eleanor said...

Wonderful times. Your g/children are so photogenic. But where are you (apart from behind the lens)? Are you saving yourself for Happy dwarf?

Diana said...

Gorgeous pics of bashful and grumpy!!!

Shannon said...

rat-arsed? I just call it drunk or fall down drunk. lol
Look at those freckles. You have some great looking grandkids! Great shots!