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Friday, 30 May 2008

Like a jewel in the sun

More Barcelona photographs today. This is mainly for Irene (big sis) to get to see them. Sorry for taking so long, Irene! xxx

Looking up at part of a decorated ceiling at La Sagrada Familia:

On the spiral staircase inside one of the turrets:

On a small balcony, very high up one of the turrets. A lovely Japanese girl very kindly took this shot of both of us. We look a lot happier than we really were, because we were REALLY high up!

It might look like an ammonite, but in reality, it's the spiral staircase inside the turret!

You can just about spot Tim in this one, taken at the Nativity Facade ....

Finally, moving away from La Sagrada Familia, here is Barcelona's Arc de Triomphe:

Tim, in one of the major parks, which houses a Zoological museum, a Geological museum (which delighted him, being the geologist that he is), Parliament buildings, the gorgeous fountains in the background of this shot and a zoo, which we never had time to visit.

As always, click on any pic for a bigger view.

More next time, folks!


Rach said...

It looks gorgeous there. It's high up on our list of places to visit but who knows when we will get there. Tim looks like a geologist! Probably because he has the same beardy thing going as my Uncle so it reminds me of him!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics, Brenda. The carvings are absolutely breathtaking! You and Tim look so happy in that photo - you would never guess you were both a little uncomfortable at being to high up! Love the "ammonite" pic too.

Love from Irene. XXX

Shannon said...

I got a new thing for spiral shots. Thanks for sharing!

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Bobs :-)

These photos are smashing and are a wonderful snapshot of your weekend :-)

I now want to go for a visit too . . . I love the carvings . . . exceptional, and the face you point out is truly beautiful. What an amazing God given talent to produce something so divine out of stone :-)

BTW I love it when you drop over to say "hi" :-) It's good to hear from you :-)

So bye for now . . . Sue :-)

God's Rock Angel said...

I love Barcelona!!!!

I went 5 ish years ago and can't wait to be able to go back again. I went to La Sangrada Famiglia unfortunately we couldn't spend very long there (problem with school trips theres always one person who recks it for everyone else)

We also went to the Olympic Stadium - i think we worked out that the youngest people on the trip were still in nappies when the olympics were held there lol!