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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Be There, or be Square

Was that the catchphrase for the 6-5 Special, or something? Being a mere stripling, I can't remember that far back! *cough, splutter*

Square is the word today, over on HSMS and here are mine. Terrible shot, taken with my phone, but they ARE squares. or as good as!

Tim and I went to a few garden centres, B&Q and Argos over the weekend, to try to get outdoor wind chimes. I have wind chimes on my son's grave and the present ones are getting old and rusty and they just look uncared for. So I need new ones.

Two sets - not too small but definitely not too long - nor overly decorated. Just plain chimes or bells. Or chimes AND bells. I said I wanted two sets.

With either wires or chains. Threads don't last too well outdoors.

Not too much to ask, is it?

Well, yes actually.

I can't seem to find any that aren't held together with thread, string or twine.

So that got me sad, right there.

To cheer ourselves up, we decided to try to get new patio furniture - wooden ones this time. Found a gorgeous set on offer in Argos, with a lovely long table and 8 chairs, complete with canopy too. Ooooh yes, said I. Let's get a trampoline that we can have in our garden for when the kids come over as well, seeing as it's on offer too.

Wrote out our order and toddled over to the checkout. Trampoline and safety nets - out of stock. Would we like to wait and they may be back in, in a couple of months. Erm, no thanks.

Table and chairs - out of stock. Not sure when, or if, they will be back in.

So we left empty-handed.

What a depressing weekend.

At least the weather was nice ............ ish.



Rach said...

Blogger Ate my long comment !! Love your squares and I hope you find your chimes really soon, if I see any that fit the bill I will let you know where they were.
Hope this means you are back with us. x

JanMary said...

Love those crocheted squares.

Gemma* said...

oh no, bad luck with the shopping :( pretty squares tho!

kaleidoscopeimpressions said...

Wow, granny squares - haven't seen these in a while! I always loved these!

SuzyB said...

What a shame about your shopping trip, such a bummer.

I shall also keep my eye out for a chime that fits the bill.

Smashing squares, very jolly indeed. Good to see you back again xx

Shannon said...

OH Bobs, ::hugs and kisses:: You have been missed so much. Welcome back! Great shot of squares! Love it! I could never do them but I love it!

Bambi said...

nice squares!

Diana said...

Oh what great crochet squares. What are you doing with them. So sad about your purchases or NOT purchases.
Love Di

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Bobs :-)

Firstly I have put a "blogging without obligation" tag on my blog too :-)

Love your squares . . . my Gran crocheted and I thought of her straight away.

Is nothing straight forward these days? I shop a lot on line now, from shops to EBay, then I know that the item is in stock. If you like a particular item and it's not available then there is generally more than one place selling it too :-)

Hope your weekend will be more "fruitful" this week ;-)

Bye for now . . . Sue