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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Travellin' Light

Oh yes, folks ..... Tim and I are leaving for sunny Barcelona this very evening. I'm at work just now, but Tim is coming to pick me up around 2.00pm-ish and then we are going straight to the airport. Check in-opens at 3.00pm and the flight is at 5.00pm.

We got our packing done last night and have managed to cram everything into one small case. I don't bother with stuff like make-up etc. People are there to see the sights, not to look at me! lol So, just basically undies, t-shirts, cut-offs, meds, hairbrush, deodorant and toothbrush and I'm good to go. :)

I'm hoping to have loads of photographs to bore you with when we get home!

Be good, peeps!


SuzyB said...

Have a super smashing time and look forward to the photos when you get back :o)


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Bobs said...

Grrrrrr to spam comments.