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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Two LO's, and ATC and a Dome

I found this dome in my town at the weekend. It's not very big, but as you can see, it makes a handy perch for a seagull! :)

I like the carvings on top of the pillars. Sadly, they are sandstone and they are very badly eroded. I wish I knew what they signified - or if they are purely decorative.

I have made a couple of LO's for the fist time in ages. I'm really trying to be more relaxed in my attitude to scrapping and to try not to analyse my pages too much before sticking things down. To give you some idea ...... I made one of these LO's last night and the other one tonight. NORMALLY, I take days and days before I can actually bring myself to commit to anything, but now I've decided enough is enough. If I keep on going like I did before, I'd be dead and gone before I actually finished an album.

So here they are ..... my quickie pages!

I'm really not convinced that I like either of them.

Finally for today, here's an ATC I made for a swap:

That's all for today, folks.

Toodle pip.


Diana said...

Hi Bobs - good to visit you! Understand what you mean about analysing your layouts so a few quick ones are good! Are we ever happy with our layouts LOL. Have a great weekend (Yes I am a tease Hee Hee)
Love Di

Shannon said...

loving the dome!
I have given up on making my layouts perfect. I make them how I want them. Some days I am in an embellishment mood and other days not so much.
I like your layouts, really I do.
Not into the ATCs but I would like to be.

Igotmebabe said...

Lovely dome