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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Why is it ......

...... that during the day at work, all I can think about is getting home to do some scrapping or cardmaking, or minibook making or any other kind of papercrafting ...... but as soon as I've got home, washed and changed and eaten, I've lost the creative urge?

Either that, or I sit down at my craft desk and find myself confronted with beautiful papers, embellies etc etc and I don't have a clue where to start.

I tell ya - it's frustrating beyond frustrating-ness!

What's also frustrating is that I managed to make my new Circle Journal .... covers, pages, sign-in tags and pages - and I can't put the pics on here because some of the lovely peeps from the forum come on here to have read and they'd see it! lol

I've also done all of my ATC's for the crafty weekend swap, but once again, the above applies!

So anyway, I haven't taken any decent shots with my DSLR for ages, so here are a random few taken on my phone, so please excuse the bad quality ....

Me,looking after Aaliyah and Saffron while Kerry and Simon took Cameron and Kali to Scout camp last Friday:



A wee tub of yummy berries, grapes and tangerines that I take to work every day, to have at lunch time, after my cup of Slim-a-Soup. How good do they look? :)

Finally, a cute lil BluTac Loch Ness Monster that I made during a lunch time a few weeks ago. Sadly, he is no longer with us and has reverted to being a plain old lump of BluTac instead!

Toodle-pip! xxx


Shannon said...

I finally got my rear in gear!! I did a bit of scrapbooking yesterday but I found a new creative outlet. I use those scraps of paper to create magnets on tiles! Totally fun!
Great shots and I want a Nessy!

WeirdCat said...

Bring Nessy to Notts please Bobs!! I can be downstairs and think of a card I want to make or a photo I want to scrap but by the time I have got upstairs the urge has gone completely

God's Rock Angel said...

Nessie is seriously cool!!!!! I did have a snail but I think the blutac was adopted and made into something more useful lol.

I kinda get that yesterday for a swap on Swapbot I came up with ideas for a CD cover but I had no where to doodle to come up with the ideas lol. I have a journal with me so i can doodle and stuff but then it looks like I'm not doing any work :(