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Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Today's word is 'Dig'. Well - there's no way I'm going to dig my garden, so here's one of me from four years ago, on an archeaological dig. We were excavating a mediaeval bishop's palace and I excavated a passageway, which was sooooooo difficult for many, many reasons! You see that big stone that the word 'Dig' is on? Well, when I started excavating there, the earth was almost covering it. You can see the depth I'm standing in - well, it got about a couple of feet deeper that that by the time I'd finished! I can't even guess at the amount of earth I took out of it! It took over three weeks all told!

Yes, I know this is a terrible picture of me, but I was tired, wet, cold and in a lot of pain with my bad back! That's my excuse anyway.

At another part of the dig site, I found a piece of mediaeval stained window glass - the only piece of it's kind to be found on the site to date. Yay me! :)

Mediaeval isn't really my 'thing' though. I prefer Bronze or Iron Age archaeology. I helped excavate an Iron Age roundhouse the previous year, at a site near to Stirling. Was there for a whole month, living in a tent and only getting one shower per week. It was hell!!

But back to this photograph ..... it was taken with my old Cybershot, but the person who took it had no idea really, so the quality is really awful.

Tim cooked his own chicken tikka masala with rice and naan bread tonight. OMG - it was divine. But then all of his dishes are! I detest cooking, so it's absolutely fabulous NOT having to!