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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Jump for joy

So we played at the harbour for quite a while, throwing stones and collecting shells and other interesting bits and pieces. Kali found a few pieces of decorated tile and really tiny scallop shell that was the most gorgeous colour of salmon pink. Wish I'd taken a photograph of it.

Here's one of Kali instead:

and one of Saffron (this one is my favourite of the whole weekend):

We bought some delicious ice creams and found a small park to sit and eat them in

We also found a low wall that was just crying out for this ....

.... and a Ninja jump too!

Aftwards, we went to the Aquarium at Macduff where we stood and watched the Wolf Fish (which are arguably the world's most ugly fish)and we stroked starfish, sea anenomes and sea urchins. We also watched a huge tank of rays swimming elegantly and occasionally popping their heads above the water and we were fascinated by a tank of jellyfish which were floating with the current. Such a great way to spend a few hours - unfortunately though, I don't have any photographs to share.

Sunday came and we all went to a lovely garden centre about 12 miles away, where Tim and I bought them all their very first Crocs!

After we got home, we just had to have a pic of our new footwear!

Clockwise from the bottom .... me, Saffron, Aaliyah, Kali, Cameron.

Posing girlies ...

Finally, on Sunday evening, we went 10-pin bowling!

Thirsty work!

And that,

as they say,

was that!



Eleanor said...

And what a jolly lovely time was had by all, is very evident.
And their mum and dad? Did they enjoy themselves?

Lorraine said...

Sounds like a great weekend, Bobs and some very scrappable pics there, hun.