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Monday, 29 September 2008


is the word of the day over on HSMS. As I'm at work and have no opportunity to take any photographs of landmarks today, this is obviously a blatant cheat! I took this shot of a natural arch, last year. It is situated just before the entrance to the (now sadly disused) Tarlair outdoor swimming pool complex at Macduff, in Aberdeenshire.

Kerry and I went to a crop on Saturday, organised by the lovely Sharon . I actually managed to get two LO's done and also a wee minbook. Good going, eh? Most of us went for a delish High Tea in out local Leisure Centre afterwards. It was a perfect way to round off the day!

I'll try to get photographs of my two LO's posted on here within the next day or so!


Sunday, 21 September 2008

Bill Gibb

was a world famous dress designer, especially during the late 60's - mid 70's. He designed for Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins, Bianca Jagger, Tessa Dahl and many other famous peeps. Well, he came from my home town! He designed this dress, which I absolutely covet beyond measure...

Not that I'd be able to fit inside it, even if I ever managed to get my covetous mitts on it! It's much, much more ethereal in real life, with lace and tiny beads everywhere. Apparently, this was a wedding dress. Can you imagine!! Wow.
These two, I'm not quite so fond of ...

... although I like the look of the two girlies peeping through! lol

We saw these dresses when we visited our local Heritage Centre yesterday. The kids always have a fun time there.

Don't know what happened to the settings on the camera in this one, but I like it anyway! Poor Kali - her hands get very sore using those crutches.

She is always glad to get a seat.

Cameron having a lie-down in a mock-up of an old fashioned trawler's bunk. I think it would have been much more dirty and flea-ridden in real life!

For some reason, Kali and Cameron wanted me to take their picture upside down, to make it look as though they were hanging from the ceiling. Well of course, it looked nothing like it, but I did like the effect when I rotated the shot back round in Photoshop!

Aaliyah and Saffron, looking gorgeous!

There are dressing-up chests on the way round ... one for ladies' clothes and one for men's. The girls looked so cute in the ladies' clothes ...

..... then they decided to try on some of the men's clothes. Kerry told them to pose like a man would .....

Now, I don't know what sort of guys these girls have met, but I'm worried now!! Lololol


Saturday, 20 September 2008


Well, it's such a long time since I've done an SPS for HS:MS, that I thought I'd better get one up sooner rather than later.
Tim's away for a week up to Helmsdale, helping to tutor a field trip for Geology sudents, so there's no one in the house except little ole me. The cats are nowhere to be seen outside (maybe they've perfected their camouflage skills overnight), so I'm afraid you're lumbered with moi.

Playing my DS.

I love my DS.

Inordinately so.

Tetris is the game of choice at the moment. Couldn't believe it when I saw it in 'Game' a few weeks ago. Was a bit miffed when I discovered that the music has changed to Mario music and there is no Space Shuttle taking off, nor Russian dancers going mental, to be seen anywhere.

Oh bum. I loved those manic dancers!

Tim phoned late last night, sounding a bit worse for wear, if you catch my drift! He's really not a big drinker, so it only takes not-a-lot to get him drunk. I warned him to take it easy or he would be in no fit state to go out on the hills this morning. Did he take my words of wisdom to heart?

No idea. Not heard from him today yet.

All I will say is, it's probably a good thing I reminded him to pack some Nurofen+!

I'm going to our local Leisure and Exhibition Centre this afternoon with Kerry and the kids. There's a sort of craft fair going on, so we're just going for a nosy around to see what's what.

I'm going to take a photograph of Kali with her 'broken-ankle-and-walking-in-crutches' look.

More later, perhaps!



Friday, 19 September 2008

Covert Ops

going on in my garden today.

I was trying to take some half-decent shots of bumble bees on my quickly-fading buddleia. I am terrified of bees, so for me to get close enough to take any sort of photo is an achievement ....... especially because, as soon as they move, I'm off!!

So anyway, as I was clicking away, I heard a miaow from the front paddock and there I spied this ...

Dear old Elvis, trying to blend in with his surroundings in order to attempt, no doubt, to pounce on some poor, unsuspecting mouse, vole or shrew. Do you think I should tell him that unless it's deep midwinter and thick with snow, his camouflage just won't work?

Back to the bees.

When I was uploading and Photoshopping my rather feeble attempts, I noticed this one, which I thought would be good for HS:MS today, which is 'Enjoy'. As I enlarged it, I noticed an interloper creeping in from the side.

You just never know what's going on in the great outdoors, do you?


Thursday, 18 September 2008

Girly day out

Kerry and I have had a lovely girly day out together. There's a new papercraft shop in Elgin, which is around 55 miles up the coast from where we live, so we decided we wanted to go for a visit. As you do.

Neither of us really had much of a clue where the shop was, but I managed to get the address from the good old tinternet and typed the PostCode of the new Business Park into the good old SatNav. Well, the place is so new that the SatNav couldn't recognise the PostCode! From then on, it was a case of the blind leading the blind and probably more by good luck than judgement, we actually managed to find it!

Papercrafts Boutique, it's called and very nice it was too. Very posh and with nice decor, including two comfy black leather sofas to lounge about on, admiring your purchases as you drink free coffee from the machine! Bonus!

Neither of us bought too much actually - money being tight, as usual - but it was so nice to have somewhere new to browse round. Anyone who likes the Magnolia stamps and the Sugar Nellie stamps would love it. This shop is actually the HOME of Sugar Nellies. Pity I don't really like them and nor does Kerry.

After we finshed shoppping, we decided to drop in to the famous Baxter's (soups, jams, chutneys etc) restaurant for lunch, on the way home. We had a bowl of utterly divine Cullen Skink (smoked fish soup), followed by one of the restaurant's renowned huge pancakes, topped with cinnamon apples and ice cream. Delicious!

The Baxter's visitor centre is fab. There are loads of little shops and display buildings, which are transformed into a Winter Wonderland in the lead-up to Christmas. All the shops are covered with tiny sparkling fairy lights and the window displays are a true child's dream! We have decided to take the kids up this Christmas. It's always so busy though, that you have to book in advance to see Santa.

On the way back to the car ....

So we had a great day out. It's just a pity that we can't do it more often.

When I booked this short break from work, my BIL said that the worst thing about having a holiday, is the fact that you have to go back to work again after it. I replied, saying that there were two weekends till I have to go back to work ..... that means two Lottery draws. If I win, there's no way I'll be back at work! Well, I didn't win last weekend, so here's hoping I win this weekend!


Monday, 15 September 2008

Another Apron

Some people have asked to see Dyan's apron, made using the designs of her Blonde Moments papers, so here it is (taken from Sharon's Blog) ....

Cute or what?

Tim's off to Uni in a wee while. Poor love is a bit nervous because he's going for his assessment on how he's doing with tutoring etc. I'm certain he'll be more than fine, but it's not making him feel any better.

Not much else to blab about today, so I'll leave you with another pic, taken during the ScrapAttack weekend ...

This one was also snaffled from Sharon's blog!

I really must get out and take some photographs again.


Saturday, 13 September 2008

Apron Envy

So at the Scrap Attack event last weekend, Dyan, Sharon and a few of the other girls, were wearing craft aprons. It has to be said that Dyan's was the poshest though, because it was made using the Blonde Moments paper designs! Lovely.

I've been thinking about the aprons all week and today I decided to make myself one. Well, what else is a girl to do when their hubby is ensconsed in front of the TV, watching the qualifying for tomorrow's Grawm Pree. Tee hee!

I found some fabric left over from making a Jedi cloak for Tim, for a LARP game earlier this year, dug out my sewing machine from under mounds of stash and set to it. I used Tim's cook's apron as a template, but I'm very rough and ready and didn't measure a single thing. I just laid his apron on top of the fabric and cut round about it, adding extra for seams and length.

This is the result ......

Very fetching, don't you think? Maybe it'll make it onto the catwalk at FashionWeek! Lolol

It's such a nice feeling to be on a break from work till 23rd Sept. I'm very tired and I really need this time off. Won't be doing much because Tim has quite a lot of work lined up for Uni this coming week, including taking students on field trips and also, he's got some meetings to go to.

I managed to get this month's CJ posted off to France this morning. Unfortunately, I can't share the piccies with you because a few people in the circle might read this and I wouldn't want to spoil it!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Dyan Reaveley is such a lovely, lovely person! Very talented, yet not in the least diva-ish. Full of energy, yet still more than willing to take time to explain things for the second (or third!) time! Lol
She made the entire weekend a pleasure, from start to finish.

Here is what we made .......

First of all, a lovely 'SMILE' mobile/ wall hanging. This was much bigger and better than I expected and is made using Cosmo Cricket 'Love Notes' papers, which are in colours I really like!

Next, we learned how to make gorgeous backgrounds using dye inks and water. Great fun! We made these backgrounds into ATCs .....

We also made this funky Christmas Tree, using Blonde Moments papers ......

The colours wouldn't be anything like I would have picked, but it works and I'm sure the kids will love it! :)

This is a wee Blonde Moments accordion book, which we decorated with 7 Gypsies papers and stickers. I love his one!

We also made this fabulous mirror, which taught us how to do various techniques such as crackle effects, triple embossing, painting with Perfect Pearls and altering.
This will definitely take pride of place in my craft room - especially because I used photographs of Aaliyah and Saffron on it!

Finally, we made this waterfall book. Again it uses papers and colours that I would never have dreamt of using, but I really like it! lol

I was so inspired by the technique mirror (which used 3" x 3" tiles, that I have made a minibook and decorated thecover, this time using 1.5" x 1.5" tiles. I have to admit to being quite proud of it!

Now I just have to decide what to put in it!

More tomorrow - all being well!



The ScrapAttack weekend in Macduff with the totally gorgeous and extremely talented Dyan Reaveley was absolutely wonderful!

I'll try to get some pics posted this evening of all the wonderful things we made and of some of the goodies I bought from her shop! Woohooo! :)