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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Apron Envy

So at the Scrap Attack event last weekend, Dyan, Sharon and a few of the other girls, were wearing craft aprons. It has to be said that Dyan's was the poshest though, because it was made using the Blonde Moments paper designs! Lovely.

I've been thinking about the aprons all week and today I decided to make myself one. Well, what else is a girl to do when their hubby is ensconsed in front of the TV, watching the qualifying for tomorrow's Grawm Pree. Tee hee!

I found some fabric left over from making a Jedi cloak for Tim, for a LARP game earlier this year, dug out my sewing machine from under mounds of stash and set to it. I used Tim's cook's apron as a template, but I'm very rough and ready and didn't measure a single thing. I just laid his apron on top of the fabric and cut round about it, adding extra for seams and length.

This is the result ......

Very fetching, don't you think? Maybe it'll make it onto the catwalk at FashionWeek! Lolol

It's such a nice feeling to be on a break from work till 23rd Sept. I'm very tired and I really need this time off. Won't be doing much because Tim has quite a lot of work lined up for Uni this coming week, including taking students on field trips and also, he's got some meetings to go to.

I managed to get this month's CJ posted off to France this morning. Unfortunately, I can't share the piccies with you because a few people in the circle might read this and I wouldn't want to spoil it!


Claire said...

Great apron there Bobs - but it's not black!!!!! Shock horror!

Sharon said...

Fabby apron Brenda. I am very impressed with the speed you have made it too!!

WeirdCat said...

Very glam Bobs, I used to love having one of my dad's old shirts for crafty purposes, trouble is my dad would have to be 7 foot now for the shirt to give me the same swamped feeling!!

Maria said...

Love the apron, and I see you are wearing crocs!!!

Sue Nicholson said...

LOL That would make a good sps! Remember those wonderful Saturday shots! ;-)

I am setting myself a challenge Bobs . . . I have barely used my sewing machine so gonna make myself an apron . . . we could then model them together :-)

Hope Tim got on really well and also glad you are enjoying your break. It's good to indulge, and so important to catch up on your rest . . . especially with London Fashion week looming! :-D

School run is calling . . . bye . . . Sue :-)