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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Girly day out

Kerry and I have had a lovely girly day out together. There's a new papercraft shop in Elgin, which is around 55 miles up the coast from where we live, so we decided we wanted to go for a visit. As you do.

Neither of us really had much of a clue where the shop was, but I managed to get the address from the good old tinternet and typed the PostCode of the new Business Park into the good old SatNav. Well, the place is so new that the SatNav couldn't recognise the PostCode! From then on, it was a case of the blind leading the blind and probably more by good luck than judgement, we actually managed to find it!

Papercrafts Boutique, it's called and very nice it was too. Very posh and with nice decor, including two comfy black leather sofas to lounge about on, admiring your purchases as you drink free coffee from the machine! Bonus!

Neither of us bought too much actually - money being tight, as usual - but it was so nice to have somewhere new to browse round. Anyone who likes the Magnolia stamps and the Sugar Nellie stamps would love it. This shop is actually the HOME of Sugar Nellies. Pity I don't really like them and nor does Kerry.

After we finshed shoppping, we decided to drop in to the famous Baxter's (soups, jams, chutneys etc) restaurant for lunch, on the way home. We had a bowl of utterly divine Cullen Skink (smoked fish soup), followed by one of the restaurant's renowned huge pancakes, topped with cinnamon apples and ice cream. Delicious!

The Baxter's visitor centre is fab. There are loads of little shops and display buildings, which are transformed into a Winter Wonderland in the lead-up to Christmas. All the shops are covered with tiny sparkling fairy lights and the window displays are a true child's dream! We have decided to take the kids up this Christmas. It's always so busy though, that you have to book in advance to see Santa.

On the way back to the car ....

So we had a great day out. It's just a pity that we can't do it more often.

When I booked this short break from work, my BIL said that the worst thing about having a holiday, is the fact that you have to go back to work again after it. I replied, saying that there were two weekends till I have to go back to work ..... that means two Lottery draws. If I win, there's no way I'll be back at work! Well, I didn't win last weekend, so here's hoping I win this weekend!



God's Rock Angel said...

I love the pink bag!!!! Where did it come from??

Han =D

Maria said...

How nice to be able to spend soem real quality time together like that. Glad you had a good day and I like the sound of the craft shop (but not a fan of sugar nellies either)

Sue Nicholson said...

Love this post punctuated with photos :-) Brings it to life beautifully :-)

Sounds a fab day Bobs and what a smashing idea to go on a "magical mystery tour" :-)

That shop looks great and the sofas/coffee is such a brilliant idea. I expected them to be shoved in the back of the shop but how clever to give them a prime position.

Good Luck for the draw on Saturday :-)

Sue :-)

p.s. Isn't the new blog links idea great . . . I've added you to mine so I can keep an eye on you :-)