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Saturday, 20 September 2008


Well, it's such a long time since I've done an SPS for HS:MS, that I thought I'd better get one up sooner rather than later.
Tim's away for a week up to Helmsdale, helping to tutor a field trip for Geology sudents, so there's no one in the house except little ole me. The cats are nowhere to be seen outside (maybe they've perfected their camouflage skills overnight), so I'm afraid you're lumbered with moi.

Playing my DS.

I love my DS.

Inordinately so.

Tetris is the game of choice at the moment. Couldn't believe it when I saw it in 'Game' a few weeks ago. Was a bit miffed when I discovered that the music has changed to Mario music and there is no Space Shuttle taking off, nor Russian dancers going mental, to be seen anywhere.

Oh bum. I loved those manic dancers!

Tim phoned late last night, sounding a bit worse for wear, if you catch my drift! He's really not a big drinker, so it only takes not-a-lot to get him drunk. I warned him to take it easy or he would be in no fit state to go out on the hills this morning. Did he take my words of wisdom to heart?

No idea. Not heard from him today yet.

All I will say is, it's probably a good thing I reminded him to pack some Nurofen+!

I'm going to our local Leisure and Exhibition Centre this afternoon with Kerry and the kids. There's a sort of craft fair going on, so we're just going for a nosy around to see what's what.

I'm going to take a photograph of Kali with her 'broken-ankle-and-walking-in-crutches' look.

More later, perhaps!




SuzyB said...

Love the shot Bobs, its a common sight in this house now Ive got myself one. Have to say, love my 'tendo, too :o) x

WeirdCat said...

DS I understood but SPS MS:HS, am lost!! Glad to see you playing though, hope Tim survived the day!

Sue Nicholson said...

Hey a "second" sp in a week. Good on you :-) I'll probably do one tomorrow . . . then again ;-)

DS, I don't have. I recall you liking yours and others with theirs last year. Maybe I should check them out for Christmas :-)

Hope you are well rested :-)


sarah said...

great shot. I´d love to have a ds myself. maybe for christmas ;)

Cheyne said...

Very nice sps.

Lorraine said...

Great pic, Bobs.

Claire said...

I nick the kids' DSs when they're in bed - I love Mario Kart (love it on the Wii too!).

Hope Tim's head is OK - men never learn do they?

Shannon said...

You look like you are having fun! Great to see you!