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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Surprise lunch!

Kerry appeared in the office at noon to take me out to lunch! We went to Frankie & Benny's and as usual, it was fab. I had bangers and mash and it was so filling, I didn't have room for pudding! Can you believe that?

My oldest grandchild with be 10 tomorrow. I just can't believe it. I can clearly remember when it was my own 10th birthday and feeling so grwon-up because I was into double digits. Now Cameron will be 10.

How did that happen?


Monday, 27 October 2008

(A)light .... and no Edward Woodward in Sight!

The word today is 'Light', well I've added an 'a' in the front of it for my interpretation of it, as you can see in the last 3 photographs.

On Sunday, Kerry and I took the kids to Archaeolink, which is a history/archaeology-themed park.

Every year, on the last Sunday in October, there is the burning of the Wickerman, as a symbol of the end of summer and the passage into winter. This is the third year I've been at it and the fourth year for Kerry and the kids.

Here is what he looked like when we arrived ...

... and as we walked around ....

There is always a Fancy Dress competition for the children and this is the first year that my grandkids have taken part. Cameron was a mad surgeon, Kali was the Corpse Bride, Aaliyah was Wednesday Addams and Saffron was little witch!

Cameron was Runner-up and he received a free Wickerman T-shirt!

We met the Green Man too ...

Then we had sparklers!

As usual, it was bitterly cold and windy, but the skies were clear and as it grew dark, the heavens were filled with stars.

Perfect weather for a burning ......

We were all chilled to the bone by the time we got back to the car, but it was worth it. This year's burning was the best so far!


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Back to GMT

It's Sunday already, which means it's SOS over on HSMSHS. How quickly these weeks are passing.

SO this is mine for today. Taken at Portsoy, on the day we took the grandchildren there back in August. The reason I like it, is because you can see the layers and colours of the rocks, against the blue of the sea.

Click for a slightly bigger view.

Well? Did you all remember to turn your clocks back before going to bed last night? I'm always in bed hours before Tim, so I'm also up hours before him. When I came down this morning, he hadn't even turned one clock back! Ah well. I've done most of them now. :)

Luckily, the broken tooth still isn't hurting at all. Surprising really, when you see the size of the bit that broke off. I can't really take tomorrow off work, because there is so much for me to bring PL up to speed on etc. Plus we have to get the crew time sheets done. Practically impossible to do that on your own without getting totally confuddled.

Maybe Tuesday, then.


Friday, 24 October 2008


I'm H.A.P.P.Y. today because this was my last day in charge of personnel!! Woohooooooo!!! PL will be back on Monday and I can wave bye-bye to the responsibility of it all and can go back to doing my own job! :)

Did I mention I was happy?

Apart from the fact that a huge (and I mean, huge) chunk has just broken off a back tooth. My teeth are crumbling away at an alarming rate. I'm pretty certain I'll need dentures before too long. Why do things like this ALWAYS happen on a Friday? It's impossible to get an emergency appointment with my dentist unless you call first thing in the morning ........ but of course, he isn't open over the weekend, so I'll have to wait till Monday. Which means taking time off work.

I suppose it could be worse. It could hurt. But - touch wood - right now, it doesn't.

So anyway, over on HSMSHS, I'm playing catch-up again - and only a partial catch-up at that.

The word today is 'Apple' and I knew straight away what I was going to take a photograph of. These little beauties .......

They are my Little Apple Dolls and I collect them. I think that they are beautiful, if perhaps a little spooky because of their lack of features. Each of them has a story to go with them - and a little apple with pins. If you want to learn more about them, I'm sure Google will be able to find a page that will explain them much better than I could!

I only have these three so far, but I'm hoping to add to my collection as time goes on.

I'm catching up with 'Grain' ....

The door on one of my kitchen cupboards!

I got a nasty comment left on here yesterday (not the spammer I talked about beforehand). I deleted it, but it's not a nice thing to happen. I'm reluctant to put on the moderation thingie, mainly because I'm a lazy git who can't be bothered with it. But if it happens again, I may have to.

I wish these people would get a life.

Right - I have no idea what is happening with the sizes of my pics on here. I'm using the same sizes I normally use, but they're not right, somehow.

I can't get them sorted and now I just can't be arsed.



Thursday, 23 October 2008

Spammers .... grrrrrrrr!

I see that quite a few of us were visited by a comment spammer yesterday. Honestly, have they nothing better to do?

That's all I have time for just now. No photograph yet.

I'll try this evening!



Tuesday, 21 October 2008


This is a cheat, I'm afraid! This is part of the old, disused outdoor tidal swimming pool complex at Tarlair, which is situated a few miles up the coast.

I do love the reflection in the water though.

It's just round the corner from the natural arch in the photograph from a few days ago.

This whole place is so photogenic, I love going there to just click away the day.


Sunday, 19 October 2008

Playing Catch-up

Once again, time is not on my side. The weekend has flown by but for once, I have actually managed to get some things done!

First off, this is my SOS (Show-off Sunday)photograph over on HSMSHS.

This is my favourite headstone in our cemetery. She is stunningly beautiful in real life and was erected in the early 1900's by a couple in remembrance of their 16 year old daughter.

This is only one shot of several that I took, trying out different focal lengths and perspectives. I could take shots of her all day.

My 'Hold' shot is a cheat that I took last Christmas, but I like it, so it's getting another airing! This is Aaliyah and her little cousin Rachael.


So what else have I done this weekend? I have finally made my costume for Hallowe'en! I made myself ill whilst laying and cutting it out and I think by association, every time I looked at the pieces, I felt ill again.
So yesterday, I forced myself to get on with it - and I did!

I'm not saying what it is yet though, because you never know who might be reading this!! Tee hee!

All with be revealed in a couple of weeks time.

Woke up this morning with another migraine and so I've felt rubbish all day, but later on this afternoon, I actually managed to do a LO!

Yes, I did! Really!

I'll get it on here within the next few days.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

What is it about Thursdays?

They always, without fail, feel as if they should be Fridays.
Every week is the same. I wake up for work as normal, yet unlike Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I've suddenly gone a whole day ahead.


And of course, I'm then left with the disappointment when I realise that, in fact, I still have two days to work before the blessed relief of the weekend, instead of only one.

How does this happen???


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

She's how old??

The word over on HSMSHS yesterday, was 'Dip'. Fortuitous as it turns out, because as I mentioned in Saturday's post, Tim and I went in to Baxters on the way back from Elgin. I bought a couple of jars of their exquisite cranberry jelly (don't like the 'bits' in cranberry sauce) and after he'd had a taste of a free sample, Tim bought a jar of this stuff ......

I have to admit to not being too keen on the colour of it, but he says it tastes great, so no doubt I will have a try sometime!

It was also Aaliyah's birthday yesterday.

She is this old now ......

Can't believe it.

So yesterday, I was happily thinking that I only had three days left of being Personnel Person - and PL called in the morning:

PL: Hi, it's me
Me: Hi, how are you over in sunny Singapore?
PL: Are you sitting down?
Me: Should I be?
PL: Ummmmm, probably
Me: Ok, I am
PL: I'm staying for a few more days and I won't be back in the office till 27th
PL: Hello? Are you still there?
Me: Uh-huh
PL: You'll be fine!
Me: Uh-huh
PL: See you when I get back then
Me: Uh-huh

Oh dear.

Moving on ......

The word for today is 'Stripes'. Hmmmmmmm - where can I find stripes at work.

Here, of course .....

Once again, a phone photo.

Please Anita, don't come calling today!



I'm a day behind, but here is my 'Autumnal' for yesterday.
It's very similar to the one I took last year, but it's a different weed, in a different part of my garden.

I love autumn, with all it's gloriously rich hues.

It may be a cliche, but I really would love to see New England in the Fall.


Sunday, 12 October 2008

Migraines R us

I woke up this morning with another migraine. Why???????

I haven't eaten any cheese, knowingly or otherwise. I rigorously check the ingredients of everything I eat, or to be more precise, I get Tim to check the ingredients of everything I eat. Sadly, the writing on food packaging is far too small for me to read without the aid of my reading glasses and I can never be arsed rummaging around in my handbag trying to find them when I'm in the middle of Tesco!

So I've been poorly all day. Poor, poorly me.

Dawn French has made a damn good job of cheering me up though. Her autobiography, 'Dear Fatty' has had me chuckling away to myself for a goodly portion of the day. I'm not quite finished, but I heartily recommend it if you like a jolly good read, that's not too taxing on the grey matter.

Just so you know, the Fatty referred to in the title, is none other than Jennifer Saunders!

One more week in charge of Personnel.


Come back PL, all is forgiven.


Saturday, 11 October 2008

Two posts in one day .....

..... whatever next?!

First off, I have to say how mortified I am that, on the very first time that Anita has visited my blog, I just had to have posted that awful, pixelated 'Welcome' shot!Sod's Law, isn't it? Why couldn't she have visited when I had put up a half decent shot?

Ah well!

So Tim and I went to Elgin to the craft shop there. It was packed full of customers because, unbeknown to us, there were some craft demo-ers there. We didn't buy an awful lot, just a few bits and pieces, but it's always nice to go somewhere new. Yes, I know I've been there with Kerry, but it was new to Tim, so there! Lol

Speaking about Tim .....
I always cut his hair using the No2 guide on the clippers, so last week he asked me to give him a trim and I obliged. I always start at the front, then I do the sides, then the back and finish by going all over it again to get rid of any stray hairs.

So I merrily cut the first strip .....

then the second strip ......

then I realised something wasn't quite right.

Yep, I forgot to put on ANY guide at all, so I'd just cut two strips as near as dammit to his scalp!

Well after that, I was forced to do the rest of his head the same.

Skinhead, anyone? I'm taking bookings.

Fortunately, he wasn't in the least upset, although he says his head is cold!

I took this today at Baxters, as we had our lunch there on the way home from Elgin.

You may think it doesn't look too short, but bear in mind that this was taken just over a week after the event and it is about twice as long as it was last week. Why, you could almost get it in a pony tail now compared to what it was!

At the last crop in Fraserburgh, I finished two LO's and said I'd try to get them uploaded, so here they are.

First is one with three photos of Kali when she was just 4 years old. I love these shots and always wanted to scrap them. We gave her a lipstick and told her to put it on without giving her a mirror. The first photo is the result and the second two are her reaction when she finally saw herself! Please click for a much better view.

A couple of months ago, Kerry and Simon went off for the weekend to the Reading Festival, leaving Tim and I in charge of the kids. Kerry HATES Crocs, but the kids all wanted some ...... so because we were in charge, we bought them a pair each!

This is the first time I've tried leaving so much space in a LO. I'm not sure about it. I think maybe a prettier background colour might have worked better, but I'm not changing it.


Just call me speedy!

Tim and I are just about to leave to go to visit the craft shop in Elgin, so a quickie post from me today!

Here's my 'Look' shot, taken this very morning at our glorious beach ....

And here is my PPS - Pet Portrait Saturday shot too. Taken a wee while ago, but the text was added this morning! Lol
My little Merry ....

Hopefully be back later, with some new stash in tow! Woohooooo!


Thursday, 9 October 2008

New-Look HSMSHS!

So yesterday, the surprise was revealed. A new home on Typepad and a new name:- Her Space, My Space,His Space! Anita now has Andrew and SuzyB on the team and it's looking quite spendidly fabulous so far!

The prompt yesterday was, appropriately enough, Welcome. My phone decided to play silly b*ggers and the flash wouldn't work, so this is my most dire photo to date ....... ever!

Sorry to inflict that on you. However, if you like pixelation, you might actually like it! lol

Today's word is Sign and I suppose I could have used that one again, but I took another one anyway ....

I think I should start taking my proper camera in to the office, seeing as how this is the only time I seem to find to take any shots at the moment!

Talking about the office, things are going ok, I think. But I'm really not enjoying it at all. Can't wait till Personnel Lady (from here-on-in known as PL)gets back from Singapore.


Sunday, 5 October 2008


I haven't had time to play with my camera for a few days, so this is an oldie that I may have actually posted before, but hey-ho! :)

It's not a show-off photograph, but it's a show-off costume I made a couple of years ago for a LARP game, that we haven't actually played yet. Sadly, if I want to wear it now, I'd have to lose quite a few stones in weight before I could fit into it. Click for a bigger view.

It's in six pieces altogether .... the bustle cushion, the underskirt, the overskirt, the bustle, the bodice and the apron. The bustle is filled with hessian and is very heavy and the bodice is boned, but as a whole costume, it is surprisingly comfortable to wear.

Ever since October began, the weather here has been absolute pants. It's been cold, wet and windy with no sign of any change yet. It's too miserable to go out and do anything, although I have to go to Tesco later for fruit and stuff for work.

I'm abslutely dreading work for the next couple of weeks. Our personnel lady is going to Singapore on business for two weeks and I'm supposed to be doing her job (and my own) while she's gone. Now I'm not the most confident of people, as anyone who knows me will verify, so to be asked (nay, told) to cope while she is away, is terrifying. I think you have to be a certain type of person to do personnel and I'm NOT that type at all. And then, when she gets back, she'll be in the office for 4 days, then she's taking a weeks' holiday! I don't blame her, but oh my, I am just so filled with trepidation at the thought.

Tim says I'll be fine, but I know I won't be.


Friday, 3 October 2008

WAITing (im)patiently

Just a quickie from me this morning, with my pic for WAIT.

Here I am WAITing for Anita's news about an exciting announcement on HSMS!

Excuse the quality - it was taken on my phone.

Being the heavy metal freak that I am, I bought Metallica's new album yesterday - Death Magnetic - and bugger me if I didn't forget to put it in the car this morning. Kerry says it is a proper return to their heavy roots, as opposed to their namby pamby albums of the past few years. Can't wait to listen to it!

James Hetfield RULES!!!