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Friday, 24 October 2008


I'm H.A.P.P.Y. today because this was my last day in charge of personnel!! Woohooooooo!!! PL will be back on Monday and I can wave bye-bye to the responsibility of it all and can go back to doing my own job! :)

Did I mention I was happy?

Apart from the fact that a huge (and I mean, huge) chunk has just broken off a back tooth. My teeth are crumbling away at an alarming rate. I'm pretty certain I'll need dentures before too long. Why do things like this ALWAYS happen on a Friday? It's impossible to get an emergency appointment with my dentist unless you call first thing in the morning ........ but of course, he isn't open over the weekend, so I'll have to wait till Monday. Which means taking time off work.

I suppose it could be worse. It could hurt. But - touch wood - right now, it doesn't.

So anyway, over on HSMSHS, I'm playing catch-up again - and only a partial catch-up at that.

The word today is 'Apple' and I knew straight away what I was going to take a photograph of. These little beauties .......

They are my Little Apple Dolls and I collect them. I think that they are beautiful, if perhaps a little spooky because of their lack of features. Each of them has a story to go with them - and a little apple with pins. If you want to learn more about them, I'm sure Google will be able to find a page that will explain them much better than I could!

I only have these three so far, but I'm hoping to add to my collection as time goes on.

I'm catching up with 'Grain' ....

The door on one of my kitchen cupboards!

I got a nasty comment left on here yesterday (not the spammer I talked about beforehand). I deleted it, but it's not a nice thing to happen. I'm reluctant to put on the moderation thingie, mainly because I'm a lazy git who can't be bothered with it. But if it happens again, I may have to.

I wish these people would get a life.

Right - I have no idea what is happening with the sizes of my pics on here. I'm using the same sizes I normally use, but they're not right, somehow.

I can't get them sorted and now I just can't be arsed.




RUSSELL said...

Super photo - love the black & white & love the dolls - I think they look great, just the sort of thing I like. Your kitchen grain looks very churchy - was surprised when I realised what it was. Off to search google now for more info on the dolls

Chris T said...

the above comment is from me (Chris T) but for some strange reason it's under my - he doesn't even have a blog!!!!

Stephanie said...

hi great shot of the dolls. they are a little spooky but i love the effect.

i'm sorry you had a nasty comment. i firmly beleive if you haven't anything nice to say don't say anything at all!!! and think a few other people on the W.W.W need to follow that advice!!!


SuzyB said...

Ach nooo (thats me being scottish and sympathetic), not shitbags at your door Bobs - why dont these people get a life!!

Have to admit, those dolls are a smidgey bit eeries, they are definitely the sort of dolls that come to life at night and Im wondering why they have apples with pins in - are you sure they wont wake up and voodoo you??

Great idea for the prompt though :o)xx

Cheyne said...

Love the dolls. Very mysterious.

Louise said...

mmm not sure about the dolls. totally agree with stephanie why make nasty comments - they should get a life!

Sue Nicholson said...

One of the reasons I went to typepad to do some personal type of blogging.

Between us here we build up a sort of friendship. . . it's hard for those outside hsmshs and blogging to get, but believe it or not, we do. So how dare someone leave a nasty comment . . . who on Earth can stand in judgement on another just by reading a post or two.

Who are these people? Get a life!

Right those dolls are 80% nice and 20% strange. The lack of features doesn't bother me. They are simply gorgeous and their clothes are divine. I am afraid it's the very black eyes that scare me a little. I'm off to google them in a min.

Teeth. Mine are overfilled from an era when dentists got paid per filling!! They too "fall apart" from time yo time :-( Why does it happen on a Friday . . . Sod's Law I guess ;-)

So pleased to hear that PL is due back :-) BUT you did it and are still here to tell the tale :-) Well done you :-)

Great grain btw I like the cropping :-)

Thanks for you comment on my photos . . . I feel I am getting better :-O


Diana said...

So sorry about the nasty comments Bobs....

i really like your dolls!

Diana said...

forgot to say shame about the teeth! Hope you manage to sort it out soon.


Darcy said...

Love the shot of the dolls, not sure I love the actual dolls so much, the eyes are a bit scary lol

Shame you got a nasty comment, I pity the people that live with nasty commentators, if they can be vile to a stranger they must be awful to their kids!

kelly said...

yourphotos are just amazing! wish i could take pictures like that, ignore the nasty comment some people lead sad lives!

{ Emma } said...

Two great shots but I particularly love that shot of the dolls. Very surreal.

Emma XXX

voodoo vixen said...

Oooh now I like the dolls but I don't... its the lack of face I think!! I had to go and seach for them (where would I be without Google) and I sort of hiccupped at the price.... think they could put the mouth on for that price!! LOL

Shannon said...

Never heard of Apple dolls before! I love them though!

Lorraine said...

Totally love those dolls, Bobs and it's a gorgeous photo of them.