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Tuesday, 14 October 2008


I'm a day behind, but here is my 'Autumnal' for yesterday.
It's very similar to the one I took last year, but it's a different weed, in a different part of my garden.

I love autumn, with all it's gloriously rich hues.

It may be a cliche, but I really would love to see New England in the Fall.



Eleanor said...

Oh so would I, how I so would.

What defines a weed? Beauty? Yours has a ragged loveliness.

You've given me an idea, Weedy Wednesday. I might find a weed to photograph tomorrow.

Jolanda said...

Fabulous pic!

Diana said...

Me too!!!! I rarely see a REAL Autumn!
Love yours!

SuzyB said...

Stunning Bobs, absolutely stunning.

I know, when I win the lottery, we'll ALL go to New England!

Karen said...

Beautiful shot and beautiful weed!

Enigma said...

Great shot! New England in the fall is not a have got to see it. The locals call tourists who come to see the foliage "leaf peepers." A beautiful time of year (my in-laws live in Maine).

Cheyne said...

Beautiful, Bobs!

maz said...

What a lovely shot bobs. I was lucky to see a New England fall last year- photos in my sidebar! I'm really feeling blue 'cos this time last year we were about to depart for Boston and I want to go again, NOW! (throws toys out of pram...)

Shannon said...

NAAAAA, you want to see Missouri in the fall! the Apples and pumpkins and the rolling hills of color! Love your shot!