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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Back to GMT

It's Sunday already, which means it's SOS over on HSMSHS. How quickly these weeks are passing.

SO this is mine for today. Taken at Portsoy, on the day we took the grandchildren there back in August. The reason I like it, is because you can see the layers and colours of the rocks, against the blue of the sea.

Click for a slightly bigger view.

Well? Did you all remember to turn your clocks back before going to bed last night? I'm always in bed hours before Tim, so I'm also up hours before him. When I came down this morning, he hadn't even turned one clock back! Ah well. I've done most of them now. :)

Luckily, the broken tooth still isn't hurting at all. Surprising really, when you see the size of the bit that broke off. I can't really take tomorrow off work, because there is so much for me to bring PL up to speed on etc. Plus we have to get the crew time sheets done. Practically impossible to do that on your own without getting totally confuddled.

Maybe Tuesday, then.



Chris T said...

Great shot - the colours are lovely. Hope you get the tooth sorted soon- lucky you haven't got any pain with it

Cheyne said...

Beautiful picture! We've got another week here in the states before we have to turn our clocks back. Glad you remembered to do yours!!!

Diana said...

Beautiful shot! Please attend to that tooth! Enjoy having the PL back
Love from Di

Shannon said...

We don't fall back an hour until this weekend. Love your shot! Can't wait for pumpkins on Friday!