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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Migraines R us

I woke up this morning with another migraine. Why???????

I haven't eaten any cheese, knowingly or otherwise. I rigorously check the ingredients of everything I eat, or to be more precise, I get Tim to check the ingredients of everything I eat. Sadly, the writing on food packaging is far too small for me to read without the aid of my reading glasses and I can never be arsed rummaging around in my handbag trying to find them when I'm in the middle of Tesco!

So I've been poorly all day. Poor, poorly me.

Dawn French has made a damn good job of cheering me up though. Her autobiography, 'Dear Fatty' has had me chuckling away to myself for a goodly portion of the day. I'm not quite finished, but I heartily recommend it if you like a jolly good read, that's not too taxing on the grey matter.

Just so you know, the Fatty referred to in the title, is none other than Jennifer Saunders!

One more week in charge of Personnel.


Come back PL, all is forgiven.



Sue Nicholson said...

Very heart wrenching song. Sending you {{hugs}} Bobs. I understand what you were saying. And more {{hugs}} for the migrane.

Sometimes I think these just happen. Ok 95% of the time they are realted to food/drink but sometimes maybe the weather changing, stress, (mmmm . . . had any lately Bobs ;-) and so on are to blame. BUT I am the same, ill and I want to know EXACTLY why etc.

We need to start a fashion trend . . . my glasses need to hang around my neck on some cord too. So frustrating isn't it :-(

Off to add the book to my blog as a want to read. I could write a note but I'd lose it!!!

Take Care . . . Sue

Chris T said...

Hope your migraine improves quickly & glad you found something to make it a bit more bearable. Like the LOs very much

lucy said...

I had a migraine on Sunday too. What was with Sunday?