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Thursday, 9 October 2008

New-Look HSMSHS!

So yesterday, the surprise was revealed. A new home on Typepad and a new name:- Her Space, My Space,His Space! Anita now has Andrew and SuzyB on the team and it's looking quite spendidly fabulous so far!

The prompt yesterday was, appropriately enough, Welcome. My phone decided to play silly b*ggers and the flash wouldn't work, so this is my most dire photo to date ....... ever!

Sorry to inflict that on you. However, if you like pixelation, you might actually like it! lol

Today's word is Sign and I suppose I could have used that one again, but I took another one anyway ....

I think I should start taking my proper camera in to the office, seeing as how this is the only time I seem to find to take any shots at the moment!

Talking about the office, things are going ok, I think. But I'm really not enjoying it at all. Can't wait till Personnel Lady (from here-on-in known as PL)gets back from Singapore.



Diana said...

LOL at you! You found something in your space!

SuzyB said...


Doesnt matter about the quality of our shots Bobs, its playing along that counts and I think its brill that you even play along when you dont have your camera with you :o)

Good to hear things are ok at the office x

God's Rock Angel said...

It's cool all the same! For my welcome one I had to stand with our front door open at about midnight while holding on the hallway light with my left arm while taking the photo one handed with my right hand. Talk about complicated!

Off to find a sign soon!

sam said...

shows what we can do when we try well done on both pics,

Vanda said...

Hi Bobs {waves} :O)

I love your welcome photo, if you hadn't told me I thought you had altered it very cleverly in one of those photo programmable thingies lol. Have a great day ~ love Vanda xXx

Igotmebabe said...

Pixelated or not its great :)

Cheyne said...

They're both good!! Hope things get better at the office.

Shannon said...

I am going to send you a small digital camera that you can stash in your desk.
The pictures still got the point through!

anita said...'re hsmshs'ing while at work huh...shhh...we won't tell anyone :)

Chris T said...

I like the pixelated effect & love the angle on your sign shot

voodoo vixen said...

How come even your pants photos hit the spot? Bl**dy not fair.. that's what I say!! ;) And you should believe in you more... you can do PL's job (she will forever be PantyLiner to me now)standing on your head!! Your a people person!!