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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Playing Catch-up

Once again, time is not on my side. The weekend has flown by but for once, I have actually managed to get some things done!

First off, this is my SOS (Show-off Sunday)photograph over on HSMSHS.

This is my favourite headstone in our cemetery. She is stunningly beautiful in real life and was erected in the early 1900's by a couple in remembrance of their 16 year old daughter.

This is only one shot of several that I took, trying out different focal lengths and perspectives. I could take shots of her all day.

My 'Hold' shot is a cheat that I took last Christmas, but I like it, so it's getting another airing! This is Aaliyah and her little cousin Rachael.


So what else have I done this weekend? I have finally made my costume for Hallowe'en! I made myself ill whilst laying and cutting it out and I think by association, every time I looked at the pieces, I felt ill again.
So yesterday, I forced myself to get on with it - and I did!

I'm not saying what it is yet though, because you never know who might be reading this!! Tee hee!

All with be revealed in a couple of weeks time.

Woke up this morning with another migraine and so I've felt rubbish all day, but later on this afternoon, I actually managed to do a LO!

Yes, I did! Really!

I'll get it on here within the next few days.


Chris T said...

Like both your shots - is that blue sky from today - wow -lucky you, we've had a cloudy day today but at least no rain. Hope the migraine doesn't last too long

Ninnie said...

Love the cemetery shot. Little Rachael looks like a beautiful porcelain doll. Hope your migraine is gone bye-bye. Love Hugs and Blessings

Diana said...

ditto ditto I had to look again at what i thought was a doll!!!

Great shots Bobs Happy monday to you too!
Love from Di X

voodoo vixen said...

I love wandering around cemeteries and looking at headstones - and its not all gloomy or morbid - she is beautiful!! Hope the migraine has gone and you are feeling chirpier!!

Emma said...

Both are just gorgeous, that headstone is amazing!

And your girls are sooo cute, great shot of them.

Emma XXX

Cheyne said...

Wonderful pics! Hope the migraine goes away soon!

Igotmebabe said...

Lovely catch ups, hope we get to see your halloween costume :)

Hazel said...

Super shots - love the hold picture - adorable girls

maz said...

Bobs that is one great statue portrait. I love the angle and the Depth of field. Fabulous! And I also lov ethe way that Rachel's expression matches the statue's!

Sue Nicholson said...

WoW! Nothing gets passed Maz does it :-)

Superb headstone. So very sad though. I have learnt a little about AV and feeling very good indeed :-) Can't have a "proper" camera as too heavy for hand and shoulders but think I will do ok with my lil compact :-)

Super hold shot. Such beautiful girls.

I recall your Halloween events last year :-) OMG How time passes.

Hope all is well and that the migrane has passed.

Sue :-)

WeirdCat said...

That statue is gorgeous Bobs